The "Stickless Arcade Stick" Thread

The TE is a piece of cake to mod, especially if you go with a 24mm 6 button layout. Mines 8 button 30mm and it was a little tight, 6x24mm. I’ve been playing on mine since last night, I can say i’m sold on the concept but not sure if I’ll be keeping it.

I’ll prob get the plexi from arcadeforge as thats where i got my other plexi stuff from, buttons and cable (just to be safe) from gremlinsolutions, im sure once i do it a few times it will be easy to change back and forth…i hope heh… :slight_smile:

FYI if you don’t like to wait most cities have a Acrylic shop that can cut that up for you in 20 minutes, screen paint it, frost it all kinds of things.

i’d have a hard time with that right now i think in the UK, finding a place that will be cheaper, do it right and isent to far away from me :/,should be able to get this sorted within the next week though i hope i noticed the 24mm buttons are not as expensive as the 30mm which is nice

ive been wanting to make one of these for my next project so i can have one japanese, american, and stickless arcade stick (cuz you never know if your hitting your full potential if you dont try right?) but does anyone have a layout template similar to the hitbox? id like to get a hitbox but i play ps2 fighters more than anything and i have an adapter for all my systems to use a ps2 stick on them and hitbox doesnt make a ps2 one :confused:

If you have the right kind of stick, check here: Project: LLC Metal Replacement Panels Round 9 Stainless Steel

He’s got replacement panels for a few types of sticks.

i looked at them at i dont think he has the t5 hori but i kinda wish i did have the right stick cuz that would make it way easier lol

i think ill just try to make a wooden box if not

Actually what i have will work for you, if it is a metal replacement panel you are lookng for. All of the hrap panels are the same size and shape which means it will fit your T5 hori HRAP. What you would do is cover the turbo panel with art if just getting the metal panel or if you are getting a metal panel and plexi cover you would just opt for the plexi cut without the turbo panel hole, if that makes sense.

Also for the question about turning your v3/vx sa into a hitbox I will have some nice pictures posted up soon.

A quick question.
I have been trying to sponge up as much information as possible but just to make sure I’m not getting my wires crossed (in my brain) I am looking for some confirmation.

I ordered a used TE (it’s in the mail right now). I’d like to change it to a hitbox style layout. I would need the 4 leads for directionals and a daisy chained set for the commons correct? What about the main input buttons? Would it be 8 leads and a daisy chained common as well? What is a cheap solution for SOCD?

My goal is a bit ambitious for a first time modder. I have had my fair share of electronics experience but I have yet to crack open a joystick. What I would like to do is create separate panels for a joystick and a stickless set-up. Using a set of female/male 8-pin plugs, the swappable panels would have a quick plug/unplug connection. (such as ) I would I have not decided if I would rather stick with the 8 buttons from the TE and just swap a small panel for directionals or do a full panel swap. This project is a bit more long term due to the random business of my personal life.

Artistically, I think the swappable panels would open some interesting doors. One panel could be Ryu themed, and the other Ken. Or Gouken/ Akuma. Or Ryu/Evil Ryu.
On the flip side. If just the directionals on a panel were swappable, then similar color schemes might be fun to switch between. For example, a red base and buttons with a gold band (possibly even blue LED buttons for directionals) and you have Iron Man mode hit stick. Take that same red base and buttons and swap to a blue and black panel with a joystick on it and you have Spiderman mode joystick.

Ultimately I’m wanting to learn the hit stick, which is the point of the modding in the first place. But I do have friends who already have joysticks so having something that they could swap in and play just like they do at home, would be convenient.

Comments and impressions (and answers) are appreciated.

So after 3 days stickless I still can’t do a 720, I had to drop the difficulty (I’m ashamed) over all my movements sloppy and cross overs are joke.

There are some positives, I can do a lot of fun spam tricks but that’s it. I’ve been playing on a Stick since World warrior I’m probably just to set in my ways to adjust.

I enjoy gaming on a treadmill, fighters have never been a option and I was hoping stickless might change that ( I have what I’ve dubbed a tread-cade) and that has lead me to playing around with these two quirky concepts.

So I could do stickless on the treadmill (which I did find superior) and stick when I’m playing competitively.

Here I was thinking keeping a traditional stick and adding some directional assists to the lay out, still debating placement.

Not me, but just as bad.

Just finished my build. Used a sixaxis pcb with the axisdapter, which mean that this controller can be used wirelessly :slight_smile:

You could also make an external box for the directionals and run a cable out of the stick. It’s a bit more work, but gives you more layout options.

I discovered you can assign directional to buttons 7 & 8 and that gives me the quicker dash I was looking IF I go back to stick. I got off my main last night and tried some fresh characters and stickless is starting to feel a little more natural.

I put my first impressions of the HitBox in the “official” HitBox thread but I thought I’d crosspost here for people’s benefit.

I’m interested to hear other people’s first impressions of playing with the HitBox style layout. For me the most difficult part is adapting to the strange jump (up diretional) placement.

I definitely noticed the lack of resting surfaces. I think I would have liked larger buttons. I only tried it for a few moments, so not a lot of comment on the training/learning stuff.

For the people talking about wanting a way to flip between stick and button: Project Gloom Stick/less

I see there’s a way to mod a TE stick into the hitbox layout, but what about for the SE?

Probably requires heavy surgery. The SE has a significantly smaller area.

That’s what I figured but I was throwing that question out in hopes that someone had done it and had some tips on doing so lol Perhaps I’ll give it a shot one day. Either that or buy a new box and transfer the insides of my SE stick into the new box with stickless layout. Assuming that’s possible.

Someone did do it, but I don’t have the link. They put the jump button on the slant and used the joystick hole for the down button.