The "Stickless Arcade Stick" Thread

It seems wrong to discuss competing/custom products in the Hitbox thread.

This thread is dedicated to the use/discussion/learning of these controllers outside the realm of the Hitbox.

I’ve got a custom build on its way to me now. It’s a 6 button instead of 8, but the left hand layout is nearly identical.

How have y’all been liking these? What do you think about their impact on The Scene?

What first interested me in them was precision. You won’t end up trying for a dragon punch and getting a fireball because of a slight error on your part as long as you know how to operate the controller. Now, you could say the same about knowing how to use a joystick - you should get the DP if you go for it. That’s fair, but you’re still dealing with Operator Error even at the highest levels of execution. The “SAS” (I don’t know what the preferred nomenclature is) seems like it will nearly eliminate this problem once you learn it well.


Isn’t there already a thread for this?

would you count that as a stickless arcade stick?
obviously not all of yous, but i myself have been playing on a keyboard on alpha and third strike and have been getting used to it, would you acctualy be allowed use one of these in a tournament ?

wait when Hitbox became a brand name?

check it out man…it’s a brand now…

Yeah, I wanted to talk about these, but it just felt icky to be doing it in their thread.

I think that counts for the purpose of the thread. It’s a controller without a stick or “real” dpad. And the inspiration for these seems to be the keyboard-as-controller.

For my friend’s birthday I’m giving him SSF4AE on PC and want to give him my kitty modded TE. Thing is he’s such a keyboard user that hitbox panel would be great for him. Does anyone know a good site to get a replacement panel and buttons?

This guy sells custom panels

Project: LLC Steel Panel Replacements (TE, HRAP, DIY)

and you can get parts from all these places
[]Akihabara Shop (Japan)
]Lizard Lick Amusements (USA)
[]Rollie Electronics (USA)
]Paradise Arcade Shop (USA)
[]Gremlin Solutions (UK)
] (USA)
[]Starcab (France)
]Arcadeshop (Germany)

I had to have a custom made - a member here offered to just drill it and mail me the parts, but I’ve got no solder skills and don’t trust myself.

Buttons you can get at any arcade supply shop.

You can just take an 8 button template of the TE and measure out the locations of the buttons in an arc. Throw that on top of a piece of plexiglass, mark the circles and find a drill press.

I’ve got a wild idea for making a convertible box you could swap the buttons out for a stick on in 30 seconds. We’ll see if it pans out.

Edit: or use those links Chuu provided.

Hit Box was always a brand name afaik. Before Hit Box people called them keyboard sticks or whatever, though they were usually in inverted-T style.

I’m looking to make one of these at some point soon. I already have a few fightpads but I hear they allow SOCDs, is there a way, hopefully simple, to mod the pad to NOT allow SOCDs as I don’t want to cheat in MVC3 or have retarded behaviour in BBCS?

I wanted a hitbox as soon as I saw it (the real thing) and I started working on converting one of my Madcatz TE into a “stickless arcade stick” about a week ago since the wait for the real hitbox arcade is indefinite.

I got a custom steel panel and full plexi on order right now from the custom panel guy listed above, and all the buttons, art and extra hardware is on the way as well. I should have an update with pictures in about 2 weeks or so when the panel and plexi arrive.

Glad to see this thread come alive… I wanted to start something but felt like I’d be stepping on’s toes…

I will be waiting to see your update, hopefully it won’t be too hard, that way I can also make one of my TEs into one.
So please the more pictures the better including some pictures of buttons used for movement
(kind of like a step by step if possible).

You should be able to just get a custom plexi and some buttons if you’re handy with a soldering iron.

So I called this a keytar (you know, the keyboard that you strap on like a guitar? Remember the 80’s?) to a friend earlier. I like it.

And people can call us keytards.

It works for everyone.

at first i thought the hitbox was kinda crazy, but now upon further examination and messing around playing fighting games on a keyboard (not to mention the years of playing fps games on the pc) it makes total sense to do this.its so simple too and a lot cheaper to build…id still want to see how much they charge for a hitbox, and if they made one for the ps2

We’re just glad to see people take an interest in our product. We fully understand that with the price and the wait some people would rather make their own, especially if you’ve already bought a stick at $100+, dropping another $160 is quite a bit of money to spend. All we ask is that you don’t go around selling controllers with our layout, as long as it’s for personal use or just a project we’re perfectly fine with people making their own Hit Box.

Dude, Hit Box was a brand name from day 1, or did you not read the multiple pages on that very subject in the “Is this stuff cheating?” thread, or even in the community PSA, which also addresses it.

I’m getting a KBC Poker keyboard soon, and I think I’ll try and scrounge a converter off of someone to see if I prefer playing on my keyboard or my fightboard.

I do HIGHLY suggest if you want to play on keyboard converted to interface with a console, I would make damn sure that the keyboard can do nKRO. (n-Key Rollover, for the uninitiated).

how much are the hitboxes? do they come in ps2? i might just wait