The story behind GameuniCON 2009 and John Keough NEWS: Convicted BANK ROBBER?

I dont know if you guys already know about this, or if this topic was already made and was previously deleted. I tried searching but could only see the results thread.

It turns out that GameUnicon was one big scam due to John Keough, who was the main person in charge.

Basically, he was a big liar when he said everything was paid in full and that all of the winners would be paid. It was said that Justin Wong was not paid, but from the members in the smash community who won, most of their checks bounced, leaving some of them in the negatives.

Here is the original topic on smashboards:

But I will quote what is currently posted there though the first post of that topic is constantly being updated.

If it was a game besides smash I might care.

Most of the games with big turn outs were affected I believe, but not 100% sure.

It was. Multiple games. SF IV for instance.

Promises mean nothing. From running tournaments you should learn not to count on anyone but yourself and people you know you trust.

Thats the thing, they trusted him to run it as he was always there for them. He was just a con artisit.

But this wasnt just a tournament, it was a convention.

If he was a con artist and they didn’t know then they didn’t really know him. No offense to the manager of the store, but just reading through the quotes shows complete ignorance and disregard for any risk analysis. This is like falling for an email scam where someone comes along and makes promises, don’t hand everything over to them.

I also ran tournaments at con but after taking all factors into account decided to keep the tournaments small/limited. Basically, the supporting organizations made false promises and SRK members who agreed to help backed out but whatever, it was within expectation.

Before running a tournament you guys should make documentation of liability/responsibility/etc and keep the goals realistic with backup plans. The fact that Dave apparently just handed everything over to John just like that seems too absurd to believe, especially since there’s proof in the quotes that John was constantly lying, assuming the quotes are true.

Always cash a shady-looking check at THEIR bank. Life lessons. :tup:

fuck smash

Yea, I agree and all, but didn’t they have fighting games as well?

Street Fighter 4 was there if I read correctly…

In other words…


Street fighter 4 is the smash of street fighter.

wow that really sucks.

well put on your caring pants, son, cause here’s the list:

Halo 3 4v4
Halo 3 2v2
Halo 3 FFA
Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles
Super Smash Bros Brawl Doubles
Super Smash Bros Melee Singles
Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles
Super Smash Bros Plus
Super Smash Bros 64
Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter 4 3v3
Soul Calibur IV Invitational Tournament
Soul Calibur IV 3v3 Teams
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 1v1
Rock Band 2 Full Band
Rock Band 2 Drums
Rock Band 2 Guitar
Rock Band 2 Vocals
Guitar Hero Metallica Guitar Only
Guitar Hero Smash Hits
Air Hockey
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
Street Fighter III Third Strike
BlazBlue Early
King of Fighters XII

Jesus, They had all 3 versions of smash? What the fuck!?

4 Versions, your forgetting Brawl Plus :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m surprised the story isn’t really booming enough here, is the MA community on srk aware of the situation?

forget the games, this more on how thousands were wasted and people paid and traveled to attend get nothing out of it (or getting money from winning a tournament), that and a local business getting shut down for good from it.

edit: recent word from GameUniverse

I know it sounds hard to believe but there was no way to see this coming on our end. I seriously worked with Keough daily and would have never guessed he’d do something like this. There were literally over a hundred people who worked with him planning this event and he was able to fool all of us.

Now we did think he was a liar, however to do something of this extent is unbelievable it still is.

Yes SF4 people are owed money as well as Blazblue…

I’m so sorry this happened and we are trying our best to resolve it.

I’m glad that people don’t give a damn about other gamers being ripped off because they play smash? seriously grow the fuck up on that, anyone getting ripped off is not cool, and its looking like more than smash players got jacked.

ps., I couldn’t help but think of Ducvader when I read the title. >.<

Wow that fucking SUCKS. Unless it were EVO, I wouldn’t have ever taken a check for a prize payout. Didn’t you guys have to pay cash when you registered? That should’ve been an instant red flag when he gave you a check. If you’re paying cash for a tournament, get cash in return. The money shouldn’t have moved within the 24 hours it was in his possession. Not blaming you guys for anything, but if I were a winner, I would’ve demanded cash.

Was Manny Comacho involved in this scam in any way? Just curious because I was talking with him for a good hour and he seemed like a genuine guy.