the stream

need i say much more? unfortunately looks like it couldnt cope under the pressure of some of the top games unfortunately =( boo anyone else have any input? as staying up for 3 days here in the uk was HELL over these times hahaha XP just wondered if anyone knew anything more XP top quality by levelup and grats to everyone there unfortuantely the load seemed to give I’m guessing?

Yeah, died for me mid-Daigo vs. Ricky Ortiz. Kind of lame to have that happen particularly for the final. Not sure who else actually was able to see the end.

The responsibility of streaming the even fell upon level up and they failed…miserably. Yeah, there were moments where it was good, but where it counted, where it was most crucial, where the viewer needed to feel like part of the action the most…level up fucked up. How are fighting games and the community going to get respect when it is represented via a janky, low budget, poorly managed stream? Way to ruin three days of spectacular play from thousands of players with a noob-type stream.

Man, ppl are not saying nice things on their channel comments.

YouTube - levelupseries’s Channel

I mean really, how ungrateful can people be. These people go out of their way to provide a free experience for those of us who can’t make it and it’s still not good enough.

Yeah it was a free service, but one that could have been given to a more experienced crew with better capabilities. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it needs to be without fault. They volounteered and/or accepted responsibility for the job, and then proceeded to fuck it up for 50,000 people.

If the hotel internet is not up to the task then there is nothing they can do about it. Levelup has hosted dozens of completely lagless streams, you can’t just assume it was their fault when the likelier candidate is ALWAYS bad internet.

The stream was pretty perfect for me until the god tier fail in the finals. Stayed up all night to get screwed over at the end, nice.

HDR was the best finals by far followed by Tekken 6. TVC was looking pretty good too.

agreed unfortunately its one of those things, now im going to bed because 3 days has killed me HOPE HOPE HOPE everything will be up on youtube after i wake from my coma XP grats once again to everyone who played, and to the trolls viewing…srlsy get a life

Yeah, it cut out for a lot of people during the last couple of matches.

Pretty annoying, and a complete anti-climax.

Yep. How the hell does the stream FAIL in the finals during (what was it) I think the third match? Shit, I can’t even remember. All I know is that Ricky was pulling a comeback and the fucking stream froze. Didn’t go back to normal until they were announcing the winners. Not happy about that at all. My bud and I were watching it and talking via Facebook IM and then that bullshit went down and everyone one was like, “Aaaaaaaaaaah… wtf is going on?”

I was definitely keeping an eye on the views and it got around 29-30k before it gave in.

Damn…well at least I got to watch some of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Level up turned off their comments section…I wonder why…

*I liked this guy’s comment: *“You single-handedly? ruined the Evo grand final for more than 50000 people watching the stream. Congrats”


Have you seen the horrible comments people have been leaving?

Yeah, I wanted to leave one just like it.

should have stuck with ustream the whole time. I mean if something is fucking working for A YEAR, WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD YOU TRY ANOTHER SITE??? Otherwise it was fine except for during the sf4 finals but honestly… who didn’t see that happening?

this is why they should just put the damned thing on tv instead of g4 running cops and cheaters reruns

It was a massive screw up of monumental proportions. Sure it was a free service, but Level Up was responsible for showcasing this huge tournament in a professional manner. Not only did they let down the viewers, they let down the community by making Evo look like a third rate gaming contest unworthy of mainstream respect.

At the very least, Level Up owes each of those 50k viewers a free DVD of that match.

Exactly what happened to me. I was talking with a friend on MSN and he said “imagine if the stream went down now” when the stream crapped out I got pissed and was like “You jinxed it wtf!!”

The comments that were flying next to the stream were pretty hilarious though, here’s a couple of my favorites: ‘Justin Wong pulled the plug on this bitch’ and ‘some fat *** leg trips the cord trying to run back from the concession stand’ LOL

Also when they put up the Guile music as an apology was epic. I actually felt better when that came on.

Is there a business aspect to level up being chosen to stream EVO? I mean, was there monetary compensation for them being the folks chosen to stream the event?