The Street Fighter 3poxy Strike: Everybody at home but SF5 doesn't have Netcode

Exact opposite problem on stick. 1P is butt, and 1P on hitbox is waaaay better

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The only song that isn’t hype from KI is Riptor’s. Each song is adrenaline pumping through your veins.


You haven’t checked the brackets, huh?

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No i havent. Are they up?

Edit: just saw them. Well, lets have some ggs tomorrow Volt.

One thing i noticed in our matches today was that you throw too many fireballs from a distance, and you did it in a solid rhythm so it became easy to get a read on when they were coming.

There are so many good themes in KI it’s insane.

I love Fulgore’s theme, seems that it should be in a DOOM game lol.


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@PlusFrames you want games tonight?

I know you already played, but we could just lab if you wanted to.


Damn, i forgot about the games with @bigtochiro in 20 mins lol. I gotta get labbing!

I’ll send you an invite @KingTubb as well


This man training with BigT to not go 0-2 against me. :rofl:

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@bigtochiro are you HUMBLEZ1988?

I haven’t played 3S since the last time we played. I can be your training dummy @PlusFrames


Darc, you got the game on PC or PS4?

K, I’ll send you an invite as well…

And holy hell, Ken’s other supers suck lol

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PS4 and Switch. Not copping the PC version until it goes on sales. Already dropped $80 on 30th.

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Shame. Guess we’ll really have to play a 7-person bracket tomorrow after all…

Btw, @KingTubb and @Pertho is the tournament going to be streamed or what? Got no idea of how that’s being organized.

Man how am I in the one timezone that matches up with no one…


Holy shit, Darc is here :flushed: I’m shook lol

@KingTubb @darc_requiem can i get an invite? My game crashed

Well, you are pretty far away. :rofl:

What happun’d? Should I make another lobby?
Never mind. It’s sorted