The Street Fighter 4 COWARD LIST!


Yo dawgs, I’ve been playing sf4 like woah lately. Im alright… nothing special… my score for ranked online is usually in the 2500 area. I hate losing, but I never… EVER… quit before the match is over. Someone could be using the same cheap tactic over and over… and i could be mad as hell, but thats the name of the game. Whoever gots the best tactics wins. Whenever someeone quits, it makes me fuckin PISSED. You’re gonna stay if u win, but leave if u dont? FUCK YOU BITCH!!! So I decided to write all these chumps down and stop playing them. I wanted to post them all on SRK too so yall know who to watch out for. Why play a chump thats gonna keep your points, but not give u his?

So I decided to make 2 lists. PS3 and XBOX360 chumps lists.

Here ae the ones i found:


I hope none of these bitches are srkers, but if they are…shame

I’ll update OP whenever y’all post your SF4 chumps.




take it here:


But this is a LIST of chumps. So we can watch out for em.


in before lock…

Massive fucking fail




That’s what these two threads are for.

And here:


Me! I’m a coward! I’m scared to play the game or open the package I’m even scared to turn on my console!!!