The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


DBZ will sell pretty well. There are some people who think DBZ is stepping on Xenoverses trenches and probably won’t buy due to that, but other than that should do well. Graphics that have real money and work out into them plus the most relevant DBZ characters pretty much all showing up is a good sign for good sales.

As far as competitively will likely be the most popular game competitively they’ve ever had. Finally releasing a game that won’t just cater to hard animu lovers. DBZ is a bigger property that people who don’t give a shit about anime at least used to watch or know about. If they like fighting games that can get them in competitively. Giving room to get those people in competitively that may not have thought about it with a standard anime game.

Marvel is the broken game without many rules so set play is expected. The way the game is going you’ll likely have to have a character with an invincible level 1 to not have to play the “who gets to setplay first” game every match. Lot of the setplays people are getting around in tournaments now can be mitigated with invincible level 1. Plus stone storm guard cancels which make you completely invincible and work on incoming. Same like how everyone says you die in one combo in Marvel 3, but realistically hidden missiles and phoenix kept the game 2 player ish well enough.

I expect DBZ to be set play heavy since there’s never been an arksys game that hasn’t been. Especially with the assist call system it’s almost guaranteed to happen. The nice thing about DBZ though is that after a character dies the round is reset (I’m assuming this happens on point characters, but not sure about assist deaths). I don’t personally care for it much since it breaks up the action too much and reminds me too much of the constant clash battles in Injustice (especially when the clash animations in DBZ are all the same generic forearm bump thing), but competitively it works.

I prefer my edgy Capcom characters and full on oppression session so I’ll stick with Marvel, but it should do well.


I found my local group on FB and these ninjas play everything. Even Guilty fucking Gear. Now that I found them I’m nervous about going.

I’m bout to tell this chick to lose her man he’s in the way. Blowing my shit.


just do it


The “Should Capcom die” video is actually pretty good, just watched it.

Good points on both “sides”.

Clickbaity name for the title,but the video itself is done pretty good.


I actually played both, League I hit plat pretty fast, on Dota i’m like Diamond if were comparing it to league rankings. I think Dota is far more toxic, that’s just me though. Dota is usually where the more hardcore people go, League has a lot of females and casuals playing it for a reason, it’s actually the most played game in the world cause it’s entry barrier is easier than dota. (not saying league doesn’t take skill though, cause it does)


I think I begin to understand the youtuber complaints people got about youtube now

I just had a haggar combo video randomly filed as “potentially explicit and unsuitable for most advertisers”

This is like the 6th time this is happened, I dispute it every time and so far I have won the case for it every time, but its getting old!!!


My youtube channel is basically my grocery money income now so I need youtube to fuck off and let me be able to buy the good bread instead of the shitty cheap flakey bread!!!


Also capcom should live forever

and be allowed to enslave us all like the Pharaoh god kings of old


You know EC got them dirty setups when his shit gets flagged as explict lmao.


It’s clickbaity but I don’t think it toyed around with the subject matter like clickbait videos tend to. They asked all the hard questions while not being overly bias in favor of or against CC. I think that SFV had a shit launch and I understand why people were put off. But AE is basically coming to rectify that. If people still wanna hate on the core game play or that AE is too late to win them back then that’s fine. SFV isn’t gonna appeal to everyone just like SF4 didn’t appeal to everyone.

I hope he makes more FGC videos like this. With us going more Eat Sportz these types of discussion are needed.


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It’s a good thing he’s cute. Well both are cute, but I think the guy on the right should weinstein me first.


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its one person with two outfits…


I think DBZ will do well in sells due to its name and how popular DBZ is but in terms of tournaments? i think it’ll die out just like any game that ISN’T made by capcom, not trying to sound like a fan boy but everytime some anime game comes out they usually last a month or Two then disappear out the scene for some reason capcom games just pull people in and survive for a long time


you around @ditn?


Played this silver ranked Ken named “Numba1Headband”

Played Ken really clean… Better then most diamond players I’ve come across.


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Dude makes some really good points but should have gone in harder on Capcom for SF5, he just scratched the surface. But you shills will eat their shit up no matter what so they will live on.


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Yep. Gonna fork over more money for an incomplete product because it’s given me great times since I wanna grow up to be like Punk. I get all the hate for the game and if I wasn’t so invested in it’s growth as an esports title, I’d probably scream about burning CC to. But i like the core game play and nothing else plays like SFV sooooo uuuuuuh I guess I’m in it till it’s over lol


So did they ever give a reason for the game having eight fucking frames of input lag at launch/6.5 now? That shit serves no beneficial purpose whatsoever for the game.


HoE is out :slight_smile:


Something about how it was to help the online feel more like offline. Basically unoptimized because CC, so we got a shitty excuse because too swamped to fix it back then.


It’s an issue with UE4 that should be fixed with the latest versions.