The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


working early in morning India support so i was already sleeping :slight_smile:
maybe online tonight in preparation for tournament


B-b-but she’s already low tier.


Miles why



Why you guys gotta be like that? About my wife.


Juri has stinky hobbit feet


People wanting Capcom to die just because they made a game they don’t like will result in thousands of people suddenly losing their livelihoods and affect their family.

I guess some people are too immature and too invested in their hate they can’t think straight.

That said, just finished shooting an indie film as the lead actor and I slayed my scenes. I get comments from the director, producer, the crew members and fellow actors about what a great actor I am. The producer told me a fellow actor came up to her and said “omg he’s so good!”. And this is why I left my cushy job as a stock broker. Making my dreams come true.

Right now I’m too emotionally drained to even attend South East Asia Majors tomorrow and it’s just 20 minutes drive from my place.




Because she sucks in this game! Still can’t get over this shitty ass redesign too >:V . Literally nothing about it WORKS or makes any goddamn sense :anguished:

At least I got bonita and menat tho the new SF baes :coffee:

Edit: if we get a new cinematic story mode can they please make her die so she can be put out of misery and we don’t have to deal with this bad redesign anymore in future installments please, I can’t take it anymore


Probably has broken glass between her toes from walkin around barefoot everywhere


Now I see what everyone talks about with Laura’s s.MK. I finally used her in training mode for the first time and didn’t realize it was one of those forward advancing normals. It’s like a faster version of Ken’s SFIV step kick. Auto pilot move forward footsie that protects her from punishes and can viably whiff punish. Which means once she’s got VT that button is strong as hell. If only they didn’t nerf karas to shit she could kara throw off of it too.

It’s workable in the neutral normally, but once she’s got VTC ready it’s probably the best button in the game.


Watch out, EC. An overwhelming majority of Street Fighter players here are bizarre foot fetishists.


Where the fuck have you been since March December 2016?


Then I guess they would find this downright pornographic



Well the problem is pretty much no Lauras really spam it enough for me to notice that it moves her forward. It’s only like the last 3 months that I’ve seen top players like move forward with it. Which of course Idom is famous for just spamming that shit in your face to troll LOL.

2016 doesn’t really count because all that really happened in 2016 was people talking about how irrelevant she was. Chun Li was being too busted with s.HP and IALL to care.


Nerf Laurog


De gustibus,
I would have never played SF4 Juri because I don’t like playing fireball heavy characters (for Example I’ve never played Kyo in KoF before '97) but I love her playstyle in SFV. Was she more rewarding I’d appreciate more, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop because she is “bad”.
I spent hours in training mode learning Menat, Chun and Ibuki to switch off her, but in the end, she’s the one character whose playstyle I can enjoy in SFV



And @evil_canadian I don’t have any kind of foot fetish. I like her evil “I wanna hurt you, let’s fight” vibe. Bonus: she can fight with gorilla feet so your smelling everything she steps in. Let the salt flow with her honest game of street fighter.


When I first played SFIV my friend played juri and dive kicked me over and over
i’ve hated her ever since


Do you guys think 50ft is long enough to go from the middle of one floor to another? Just ordered one and didn’t feel like measuring up the stairs and all.


By “one” I mean an ethernet cable.