The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


Then I guess they would find this downright pornographic



Well the problem is pretty much no Lauras really spam it enough for me to notice that it moves her forward. It’s only like the last 3 months that I’ve seen top players like move forward with it. Which of course Idom is famous for just spamming that shit in your face to troll LOL.

2016 doesn’t really count because all that really happened in 2016 was people talking about how irrelevant she was. Chun Li was being too busted with s.HP and IALL to care.


Nerf Laurog


De gustibus,
I would have never played SF4 Juri because I don’t like playing fireball heavy characters (for Example I’ve never played Kyo in KoF before '97) but I love her playstyle in SFV. Was she more rewarding I’d appreciate more, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop because she is “bad”.
I spent hours in training mode learning Menat, Chun and Ibuki to switch off her, but in the end, she’s the one character whose playstyle I can enjoy in SFV



And @evil_canadian I don’t have any kind of foot fetish. I like her evil “I wanna hurt you, let’s fight” vibe. Bonus: she can fight with gorilla feet so your smelling everything she steps in. Let the salt flow with her honest game of street fighter.


When I first played SFIV my friend played juri and dive kicked me over and over
i’ve hated her ever since


Do you guys think 50ft is long enough to go from the middle of one floor to another? Just ordered one and didn’t feel like measuring up the stairs and all.


By “one” I mean an ethernet cable.


You could maybe cancel the order and use an ethernet port adapter. I use them, they’re great and don’t require a giant ethernet cable strewn across your house if your router is far away.

I’ll edit my post and link them when I’m at my PC, worth a look.

I agree but reach out to your inner masochist and enjoy the pain and suffering she brings you >:V


Just wait til you play the brand new DLC character - Alex.


Don’t mock on Alex… I just went back to Ken, played a bit more online (Super bronze!!! Yay!!) and started winning regulary (bloody boring akumas that keep on spamming same combos… ) but I miss the rumbler. Miss the command grab, the lariat, and the fear in my rivals when they get caught in a couple grabs and start playing pulling back to a more defensive approach.


I tip my hat to Alsx players honestly; before he gets Trigger he feels like such an ass character I’d rather be playing 2.0 Ryu honestly. That trigger tho goddamn.


He’s not that bad


No yeah he is that bad.


It’s hard to say without knowing where the modem and PS4 is in relation to the stairs. If you are going the most direct path with trip-hazards galore, it may be enough at my house, but each of my systems are about 20 ft away from the stairs, give or take… I would have ordered the next size up so even if it reached, it wouldn’t be so taught.

And I think @Froztey is speaking of Power Line Adapters. Before I ran a permanent cable through the walls and such, I looked into them. Apparently, they don’t work that well in older homes (my house was built in the 70’s and half the circuits have aluminum wiring, which is supposed to reduce speed), and there are a lot of loads on the two circuits that feed my modem/router and PS4 and that apparently cuts down speed as well, it wouldn’t have been as bad if they were on the same circuit.


Also, that ultra at 3:45


Shame, thought you were talking about a penis extension.

Not sure if this was one of those posts where I shouldn’t have clicked on send.


is there a tier list somewhere for this game? and hows nash im getting back into this game but i dont like play top tier characters cause i actually like to work for my wins so time to remove this Ava lol


I’ve yet to see a legit tier list, but there’s a bit of general consensus regarding most characters.

Karin is really good, I’d call her a high tier, but she can’t just unga on people like the top tiers. She has to work for her wins, but it gets easier if you can handle her execution nonsense. (Day 394: I’m still salty that EX Command Dash has a 3F window where you can’t do EX Orochi.)

Nash’s a zombie. In every possible way. You can main him, he’ll need a lot of work to give you points.

Speaking of tiers, does anyone have some BnB, No VT cheese combo videos featuring Cammy, Urien and Balrog? I’m going to try them out today, but I want to know what they can do besides steamrolling people with VT madness.


Play Juri.
You’ll have to work hard for your losses as well XD

Top tier right now is: Guile, Necalli, Cammy, Akuma, Karin, Boxer, Rashid