The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


Marvel will accumulate all the hate in this world by bringing itself forth to the center of everyone’s salt so that we, as a collective unit, will form together to hate on the BS shenanigans that happens, and will still continue to valiantly overcome that salt to prove that one game (no matter how glorious) will not triumph over the united front of the people.

Marvel, you truly are the hero we don’t deserve, but the hero we need.


Aren’t those part of a mod someone’s making?






in the 1700s nobody got outraged about the N word. that sure as hell didn’t stop it’s widespread usage.


Evil Canadian browsing the last few pages


Is that a real screenshot? If so, her face really is brucked, lol, @itzpookiie was right all along. She looks like the sniper from Saving Private Ryan:



Isn’t that the same exact reason Chris Rock stopped doing his nigga bit and Dave Chappelle stopped doing his show at all? Because in context, they made pretty goddamn hilarious jokes, but people started taking it as a cue that it was okay going around saying those kinds of things casually because “they’re just saying what we’re all thinking”, missing the entire point that it’s only funny because it’s not actually serious. And that’s the issue even if you’re making jokes. If you make a joke enough times, a lot of dense motherfuckers are going to use that as an excuse to be assholes. Not saying you can’t make “offensive” jokes, as someone with friends in stand-up comedy I firmly believe you should be able to make jokes about everything. But let’s remember that we as a species somehow managed to meme an entire racist subculture into being by shitposting ironically until it was no longer ironic and being a bigoted piece of human garbage was fine as long as you posted a picture of a frog. Because “making SJWs butthurt” is an extremely good way to elect your leaders.

Aaaaaanyway… How about them fightan gaems?


Real screenshot @KingCrimson
TBH, was never a fan of that alt. Much prefer her winter gear get-up.


They’re pretty okay. I like the one where the guy does the uppercut and that one chick has nice boobs.


I like the one where the karate bear fights the Russian robot girl.


Yeah I know, I was being a sarcastic prick.


I should not have brought up Ingrid, now the thread is in awkward silence mode. I apologize. Someone post butt.



Good on them for making her face distinct and European.

It does look a bit shafted sometimes though, I use the story alt so it’s not really a problem for me


I would have died laughing at that drunk or sober.

It’s confirmed that Marvel Infinite allows the loser of the match to decide the rematch options. Which means that probably will still see salty thumbs, but at least the person who can change characters and stages legally in a tournament can make the decision


It’s still dumb that Capcom hasn’t patched that already


I think some other non Capcom game does the same thing as well. The concept is really silly, but it’s a step up at least for tournaments for the player that lost to get the control at least.


You know, I’m still a Capcuck shill who thinks this is a good game, especially compared to IV.

But I will admit that I sometimes feel like I understand people who hate it all too well. Extra V-systems and everything is fine, but why the fuck are jumps not fixed? AA jabs were fixed. The netcode was fixed. Like, I know I suck and let people get away with too much shit, but I literally earned that 10 AA mission in one two round game. With Bison. So I hit this guy out of the air 10 times over two rounds with a character that doesn’t have AA lights. And still got smoked. Shouldn’t he be dead if I made five fucking correct punishes per round?

Jump-ins can stay the way they are. Just fix AAs. Damage, stun, priority, I need some reward for accurately spacing and timing a crouching fierce.


Yeah, it is kind of fucked up that you are often safer in the air where you cannot block than you are on the ground where you can.


IDK I’m probably just salty, but I don’t like the fact that jabs can beat Cammys dive kick.