The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth


You know, I’m still a Capcuck shill who thinks this is a good game, especially compared to IV.

But I will admit that I sometimes feel like I understand people who hate it all too well. Extra V-systems and everything is fine, but why the fuck are jumps not fixed? AA jabs were fixed. The netcode was fixed. Like, I know I suck and let people get away with too much shit, but I literally earned that 10 AA mission in one two round game. With Bison. So I hit this guy out of the air 10 times over two rounds with a character that doesn’t have AA lights. And still got smoked. Shouldn’t he be dead if I made five fucking correct punishes per round?

Jump-ins can stay the way they are. Just fix AAs. Damage, stun, priority, I need some reward for accurately spacing and timing a crouching fierce.


Yeah, it is kind of fucked up that you are often safer in the air where you cannot block than you are on the ground where you can.


IDK I’m probably just salty, but I don’t like the fact that jabs can beat Cammys dive kick.


really…how can they fix something which they did not touched once.


I’ve been trying to think of some genuine issues rather than just annoyances that affect parts of the game people generally say are kind of busted. I think the priority system the game has in place is a big cause of player frustration.

CC buttons being tied to fierce/roundhouse buttons with the inability to jab/short counter-poke them makes for neutral consisting of very powerful heavy attacks that aren’t smart to try to counter-poke due to them leading into a knockdown, extended damage, or mass corner carry dependent upon character. Some get all three.

Just take someone who I believe relies on their CC buttons incredibly-so. Necalli. Necalli’s is a pretty good button, you wouldn’t dare try to counter-poke it or Necalli builds V-Meter which is important for him, and he gets a knockdown from it. Remove the priority system and suddenly you can start to stuff the button with buffers in the neutral, but in doing so you fuck up half the casts frame traps that go mid-mid to stuff jabs, and you make jabs and shorts into buffers the god tools in neutral.

I still think SFV’s neutral is impeded by the inclusion of CCs. They aren’t an easy fix, and make throw-and-forget an applicable playstyle even at higher levels.


Never thought this day would come but me and Necalli are parting ways…

We had a good run. Played three matches… won one. All whilst having zero fun.


My problem is more that in a game where the core tenet seems to be aggressive play that rewards counter-hits, damage is very high, stun even more so, and basic super hitconfirms will eat half a lifebar, AAs are the one area where they went conservative. Just seems to run counter to the entire design philosophy. Hell, give more characters shit like Abigail’s AA combos, where they’re hard to pull off due to the specific ranges and slow start-up, but massively reward you for managing to get them. I literally would have no problems with jump-ins being the exact way they are if they just made it possible to get AA combos outside of specific characters and set-ups. Not even better in terms of priority or frame data, just bigger rewards when you do hit them perfectly. Because 100 damage is less than most jab punishes and a jump should be more punishable than a -4 move.

Pretty sure they touched it up at several points, including that one big CFN patch they did with the Ed beta. Then again, I’ve been full of shit before. I know for a fact the matchmaking has been fixed, though. So, you know, I get to be a huge shitbag and move my goalpost like the coward I am.


This has my official stamp of approval. Godlike drop of the character, you’re almost on my level young student.


I remember yesterday K-Brad on Jwong’s stream talking about Street Fighter players playing Marvel and then dropping the game because it’s too BS for them.
“When you see that the guy keeps restanding you and putting you into constant left/right/low/high mixups… crush counter doesn’t look so bad anymore”


Can we get Zeku out of the way please so we can start waiting for Season 3 news.


So based on what’s been heard, Marvel will have:

  • improved version of the SFV netcode
  • improved post-match functionality and options

Ummm, why the hell can’t these be in SFV already before Marvel comes out?

This is why everyone should play Marvel. With the craziness that happens in the game, it will make everything else so much simpler in context.


double post


I think the idea was to have a stark contrast to SFIV’s jabbity-jab-jab flow. Maybe they just should’ve stuck with the heavier buttons have priority over lighter ones thing they already had. I like the idea of the CC because in theory it punishes people for just randomly pressing shit, but it does sometimes cause this weird thing where you have people whiffing heavies in neutral over and over, which ironically is more or less just randomly pressing shit. I think it fits in the general modern Capcom design philosophy of taking a good idea and doing it in excess. You don’t tone down top tiers, you take a blowtorch to their nutsacks. You don’t simply make heavies more rewarding, you up their priority AND have counter-hits lead to 300 damage combos AND extra V-gauge. You don’t tone back zoning a little, you give more or less the entire cast projectile invincible rushdown tools. You don’t tweak invincible meterless reversals to make them less of a momentum swing, you take them out entirely.



Well actually according to Maury, Trife is the father.


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I think it’s more a frame data issue
Strong characters have a bundle of strong +on block buttons that some are also CC while others get only a few
Dash up CC’s
Making buttons more - , less +, or slightly punishable on those buttons would make the neutral less stressful
Set vtriggers that put opponents in a long sequence of guesses and still not give the receiver a good turn if they guess right makes the game feel real shitty too
If I guess right and block something that could’ve caused me massive damage, you should definitely lose your turn

Why did I just block 4 vtrigger rush punches and still have to be scared of my turn
Oh yea because you’re vtrigger kept you in range of your better buttons and I’m outside of mine
Oh yea you still have 80% of your vtrigger left

Man fuck this game!


That last gif is some demonic looking shit.


@Vhozite had the right idea. We need to get things back on track.



Air crush counters
Designated AA butons that lead to juggles
Uriens cr hp > fireball > shoulder as an example
Maybe not crush counters per se but something similar, especially on characters who rely more on slower, heavy anti airs like bison
Vega and Alex can kinda already do it but they have other issues
Characters like Cammy, Balrog and Gief with basically universal anti airs are excluded