The Street Fighter 5 Pre-Order Costume Exchange Thread


I got the idea from someone to make a thread dedicated to people trading their Pre-Ordered costumes, so I did it.

So we’re clear

Amazon Pre-Order = M. Bison

Best Buy Pre-Order = Cammy

Gamestop Pre-Order = Ryu

PSN Digital/PC Pre-Order = Chun Li

I am being told that Chun Li’s costume will not be tradeable since it will be automatically downlaoded to one’s hard drive upon installion, so we’ll ignore her.

Keep it clean and keep it fair people. Don’t be a schemer. Don’t be a jackass. Be legit.

I will start…I am getting a Bison alternate costume code and am interested in Cammy’s. If anyone would like to trade, please inbox me. First come first serve of course.

WTT: bison Amazon code for cammy Best Buy code

I heard something about the pre-order costumes being in the store for you to buy (maybe even with fight money).


The collector’s edition comes with all the costumes.


Store doesn’t open till march.


Anyone willing to sell their Cammy code, send me a PM.


I am willing to trade my Bison PS4 code for a Chun or Cammy. Also willing to sell.


You sure? Just looking at Amazon it only mentions the M. Bison costume pre-order bonus on the CE page.


I am willing to trade my Ryu or Cammy PS4 code for Chun.


I’ll do the Chun Cammy swap with you.


Ok cool. :bee:


Just putting my name down now. I will have the bison costume.
I am not picky, I just don’t use bison at all and someone who specifically wants it would enjoy it more than me.

I’ll trade Bison <-> Anything


Assuming the PSN digital version actually comes with a code rather than just tied to the account, I’d swap that for the Chun-Li costume.


If Tebbo gets in touch with anyone else first, please contact me. I want Chun the most and have Bison for you.


oh then go for it dude.
i’m not picky so anyone who is go for it before me.


I’m getting a Ryu one which i’ll trade for Cammy.


Thanks. If Chun is indeed trade-able, I found a Cammy for you on Gamefaqs if you want. I can be mediator (I promise I’m not a jackass) or if you have a GameFAQs account I can just give you their username and you can inbox him yourself. I’ll be in touch with you Tuesday breh.


nah its cool i’ll just stick to anyone here. no worries :slight_smile:


I’m getting Chun if anyone wants to trade for the Cammy costume.


I’ll trade chun for birdies premium when’s it’s available.


@Tebbo Ill trade Ryu for your Bison.