The Street Fighter Adventure

Ok this is something i came up with on a nintendo forum so i decided to try it on the shoryuken forums. Basicly, this is a story everyone can join in with. You choose you character and input on the story as people post replys.

Example: Ken was walking into the dojo when suddenley, a mysterious stranger leaped at him with a flying kick.

Then you would put what happens next and so on.

I have choson Ken as my character.
Come and join in whilst the characters are free.

me= sagat

It was sagat with his foot was near to connectinbg to ken but in just in time hand swing up to block the powerful kick from landin on his face .

the giant stood there with his had facing the ground
"Ken i need your help " he was still lookin down
"what with ! "

“there is something wrong with ryu” explained Sagat
"I dread that the dark hadou may have totally taken over him."
“WHAT?!?!?” shouted Ken.
"Where is he now? I must see this"
Sagat pointed towards the construction site, that seemed to be darker than every other area of the landscape.
Ken looks at Sagat, with a puzzled face.
“Just follow me” said Sagat walking out the door.
Ken follows.

“What the . . .!? Ryu!”

Ken had followed Sagat to the construction site, and much to his surprise saw Dark Ryu sprawled out on the ground in a pool of his own vital fluids. Bullet holes and smatterings of blood covered his entire body.


The police officer standing over his lifeless form struck Ryu’s head with a feral blow from his nightstick, and with a peal like thunder split his skull. Fluids and particles of gray matter erupted into the air and coated the officer with more gore than he had already been covered in. He buffeted his head several more times before finally halting.

“And stay down motherfucker!” he barked, as he pointed an accusatory finger at the pulpy mass once known as Ryu’s face. The perspiration that blanketed his body glistened in the sunlight.

Ken just stood in place, emotions of hatred and woe conflicted within him. He tensed his muscles and allowed those emotions to well up inside of him until he could no longer hold them in, and then with one thunderous yell released it all. "RYUUUUU!!!"
He fell to the ground weeping.

The police officer looked at Ken ,exasperated, and said, “Who the hell!? You know him?” and pointed down at the mangled corpse beneath him. “Goddamn, I was walking through here on a routine patrol when this fucker charges me like I was a matador at bullfight waving my bright red cape at 'im.”

Ken just sat there, regarding the officer with a look of utter contempt, tears were cascading down his cheeks.

“Yep, musta been on PCP or some shit, I mean I shot the fucker at least seven times before he finally started slowing down. Even then I had to reload my clip and keep pounding on 'im till he fell. Thing is, the only sure way to stop these crazy fucks is to render them completely immobile, and I reckon by smashing his brains out I accomplished that.”

Sagat, who had done nothing the entire time, stifled a laugh.


“You fool he’s not dead” say sagat surly
"I know ryu more than you think. He would have never had been kiled my a weak police officer. believe me"

A loud snigger is heard from the top of the construction site.

" YOUR RIGHT SAGAT!!"says the dark figure. Right after the comment dark ryu jump from the high construction site to land behind the police officer

“WHAT!!.. NO I KILLED YOU!. I SEEN U DIE!!” says the terrified officer
"ARE YOU SURE" smiles ryu. Then ryu grabs the officer by the head and runs his head into his own knee, smashin his face inwards

“AARRGGGHH!!!” the policeman screams as he spews up a puddle of blood.
" Ryu, what the hell are you doing?!?" screamed Ken.
" Fool, its not Ryu!" Snapped Sagat. “Can’t you see how he is possessed!?“
Ken looks deep into Ryus eyes and sees the anger within him. Ryu suddenley turns his head and stares, visciously at Ken and Sagat.
“He is my younng apprentice now” Boomed a mysterious voice.
“Who the hell is that?” asked Ken,Looking round.
A dark figure drops from the building.
“NO IT CAN’T BE!” shouts Sagat
The dark figure moves forward out of the shodows and reveals himself.
” Ryu!!! attack these fools!!!” Bawled Akuma.
“Looks like we have no choice,You ready Ken?”
"Im ready, but i doesn’t look good."
Ken and Sagat took there stances.

evil ryu teleport infront of ken, Ken try to hit my with a Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku but evil ken grabs his leg with ease and throws his the the construction site wall
, then sagat trys a Tiger Crush but again with ease ryu stop his knee dead in air then shoryuken sagat again but just in time ken hits ryu with a hadoken from behind sendin ryu to the floor.

"What will we do then" replains ken

“You can’t do it alone, but I can.”

Sagat felt the cold aluminum alloy barrel of a Spas-15 shotgun pressing against the back of his skull.


Sagat opened his mouth as if to protest, but before he could speak bullets from the Spas exploded into his head. Blood, fragments of bone, muscle, and brain particles burst into the air and precipitated down upon all in his immediate vicinity.

Before Ken could let out a pussy scream of agony for his fallen companion the policeman fired a second round into his quickly contorting face.

With successive thuds the two headless corpses hit the ground.

“Look, I don’t who you fuckers are but as far as I’m concerned your all a threat to the safety of innocents. And as an officer of the law it’s my duty to deal with these threats.”

He reloaded his clip and leveled the gun at Ryu.

But as the Officer points the gun at Ryu, he notices he has disapeared. The officer scrambles around looking in every which direction.

A scream of Ryu can be heard in the distance. The officer pumps the shotgun and silently says “I won’t let a fool like you put me out of a job!”

He silently walks around the construction site, looking and listening with intent. He hears a grunt behind him and he shoots blindly. The officer spots something out of the corner of his eye.

“FOOL!, you believe you can kill him?” says Akuma in the shadows.

“Why yes sir, and in doing so I wish to kill you too!”

“Well think again!” akuma says while preparing himself for the Raging Demon. Akuma is surrounded by an aura of hatred. Lighting is seen over the hills. And the ground starts shaking.

“Let me help!” says Ryu, as blood starts dripping from his mouth.

“Hey now, what are y’all doing now!” “Don’t make me kill both a ya now!” says the officer, slowly walking away.

The policeman fired two successive shots into each of Akuma’s kneecaps. The resplendant aura which exuded from his body dissipated as he fell to the ground with a grunt of pain. He made a desperate, but altogether useless, bid at regaining his footing, before falling down again and resigning to the futility of his situation.

Ryu stood by calmly, still awaiting Akuma’s confirmation to help. He watched as Akuma lolled back his head and let out a drawn out exhalation. Akuma then writhed on the ground and frantically raked his fingernails through the dirt on his sides in attempts to deal with the excrutiating pain he was in. Blood flowed freely out of the shattered remains of his kneecaps and ran down the torn fabric of his clothing. Small rivulets of the red fluid formed on the ground and spread outwards as the current of blood shoved them forth. He then let out a garbled cry of help to Ryu, who, not fully understanding his meaning, crouched next to him and lowered his ear to his mouth.

“Help . . . me . . . fucking . . . idiot”

Ryu solemnly nodded his head and turned to face the police officer.