The Street Fighter Alpha 2 thread


There’s a Street Fighter Alpha 2 machine on my college campus that I play a lot. There’s usually a lot of good comp there. I play Bison and Charlie. Occasionally, I’ll play Chun Li, Sakura and Dan.

I created this thread for anyone who wants to discuss SFA2.

Who do you play and how do you play them?


I’ll be the first one…
"Just Valle CC that Shiet!!! hyuk"
Now that that’s done…

I like to use Saddam, i mean Sodom. Jump with fierce/forward/short. d.jabs/shorts upclose, s.strong/forwards a little further out. D.fierce/j.rh anti-air.

Slide under FBs. punch AC blocked FBs for annoyance :slight_smile: Fierce strike after knockdowns and in combos, pester with jabs strikes from full range, strong strikes to keep em’ grounded (take that Gief). Best lvl1 super grab setups = after blocked jab strike, after whiff s.fierce, after blocked lvl1 strike super. Mix up with strike super to stop the jump-outs.

I usually go for blowout CC, forward, strong strikes xNNN, meter runs dry, d.fierce into RH carpet burn. Hut-hut-hut-hut-hut-hut 12, BREAK!


Play Ken. Unless you plan to be in shape in case the next EVO features Zero 2, you can simply build meter, turtle, and counter everything.


Semi off topic but:

You know I recently found out there was an Alpha 1 tourney years ago around here, won by Bison, apparently his headstomp is super fast in that game. And in New Zealand some player beat everyone in an Alpha 1 with a Sodom glitch. thought it was kinda funny :lol:


If anyone is interested I am selling the offical Street Fighter Alpha 2 guide by Versusbooks(very rare). It is co written by top players such as Mike Watson, Jason Cole, John Choi, Jeff Schaffer, Alex Valle, and David Sirlin. For $15


I have that guide. What happened to Versus Books? I know about the SFA2 guide and I had the Tekken 3 guide they did, why haven’t they done anything else?

I can’t find their website, so I’m guessing they’re out of business…:frowning: