The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide development thread


Perhaps starting from scratch might be plausible?


Starting from scratch would actually be the wisest of the two options, and either way links like these cannot remain alive: ;


Thanks, I misread his post the first time.

Removed mine.

Vasili, you have the power to release either or both versions for the community to use, as granted to you by Tiamat. And I think we both know if you are not continuing the guide, that is what he would want. So, if you truly want to make amends to the community like you said in the other thread, releasing Tiamat’s version would be the best way to do so.


I’ve got the Plot Guide 4.2 by Tiamat in perfectly readable, not-too-broken txt format (the only problem is that it has artificial line jumps to make the column of text, like all txt files, you know).

I don’t know which was the last one by Tiamat. The 4.6 is signed by Vasili, and it seems 4.5 was Vasili’s as well.

PS: If you are interested, I also have 4.0, which has almost no references to Vasili’s input.


Actually, yes they can. The plot guide was made publicly available in that format for years. Additionally, under terms of fair use, others are allowed to use it for scholarly pursuits since the purpose of it is nonprofit and educational. Additionally, the continued hosting of it in no way impacts your ability to profit from the content of the plot guide because it is impossible for you to do so since the plot guide is otherwise made of material copyright by Capcom.


That little lesson on copyright law aside, I find it hilarious you continue to pitch a fit, Vasili. Hilarious and sad. This really goes to show your character. You’re not interested in the plot guide continuing, nor are you interested in other people having access to information regarding Street Fighter and it’s canon. Apparently it really was always all about you and the attention you derived from being the plot guide’s caretaker. I’d say I’m surprised, but I’m really not. I know other people had a good relationship with you before and this probably sucks for them now, but all I can do is shake my head and roll my eyes over this behavior.

Clearly you’d rather see the plot guide and the information within die out rather than not have absolute control over it. Typical dictator behavior. “If I can’t have it, no one can” right? You’ve been repeatedly invited to continue to take part in the plot guide so that we can all work together, but obviously that’s not good enough. And I know I’m probably going to catch flak for this post but I don’t care…I spent nearly three years getting dumped on for trying to help the plot guide and contribute to it and add to it only to be repeatedly shot down by you and people that (mistakenly) trusted you. And you know what? That sucked. Still, I kept at it because I genuinely wanted to research Street Fighter and help…to discuss it and discover. Now this is how you act? Unbelievable.

You’re defining your legacy in regard to the plot guide you know.

Vasili, the guy that misrepresented stuff and got caught lying, pitched a fit and then tried his hardest to kill the plot guide rather than see it not contain his falsehoods.

Your alternative? Man up. Show you actually love Street Fighter and that the plot guide can be about more than you. Stop stamping your foot like a child and either bow out or accept the invitation to work with others. Anything else (or at least what you’ve already been doing) is not only counter-productive, it’s pathetic.

And my apologies to those that I know will (probably rightfully) give me hell for this post but I think I’ve earned an ounce of righteous indignation over the course of the last few years in regards to all this stuff. I know that might not justify it, but it’s where I’m coming from right, wrong or indifferent. It’s on my chest and I gotta get it off.


Thank you. Next clearance is with Tiamat.


Seriously Vasili? You know that the chances we’re able to contact him are slim. Are you really trying to act like Tiamat would have wanted his guide to disappear into obscurity, when the community is perfectly willing to continue carrying his torch forward? If that’s the way Tiamat thinks, he wouldn’t have handed it to you in the first place.

Between this, and the fact that you nuked his guide off of gamefaqs instead of just reverting to his last version, makes it hard for me not to think Yagami is right, and you want this guide to die.

Anyway, I guess we will have to write a new guide. I’ll put up an outline on repository later this weekend. For use as a reference, many versions of the old guide are archived:*/

If you want to take down your copies Vas, you can talk to Note that you are not legally allowed to request that the versions that are still copyrighted to Tiamat be taken down. Only he or his legal representative (meaning his appointed lawyer) may do that. So if you do issue a takedown to for your versions, be sure to specify that you are only talking about the later ones. If we see his versions suddenly disappear after all these years, we will all know you lied to them.


Don’t know if this would still be relevant since the decisions been made to start from scratch but I have managed to find Tiamat’s guide ver. 4.4 (last version before Vasili’s I presume) still up for public view


If I don’t hear back from Tiamat by the 14th, I will assume he is unable to provide himself but willing to nonetheless, and I will see that you’ll get access to the latest copy he granted to me for everyone’s use thereafter, which has never been seen online ever.


Thank you Vasili, that would be much appreciated. And thanks also bakfromon and mikros, every link to any version is good to know.


Your welcome MuKen, and Vas, will every online copy of the plot guide suffer the same fate as the one on gamefaqs which seemed to had been hastily erased? If you truly wish to completely delete your works from the internet you might want to check here as well.


So I guess we have a bit of a decision to make. Vasili will release Tiamat’s final version as a base to work on in a few weeks time if Tiamat doesn’t object (which seems pretty unlikely). This begs the question how we should proceed from here.

Should we start writing from scratch, and merge whatever we write into that version later? Or start with Tiamat’s version 4.4 now, and merge to his updated version later? Or just put a hold on all changes until we have everything?

What do you guys think?


I do not mind either.

I am willing to start from scratch.


I suggest waiting for Tiamat’s answer (and Saiki’s full reply) and then use 4.4x or 4.4 if he says yes or does not reply.

It would save lots of time, and I think that once he carefully reads the past events he will/would allow a new version of the guide in some way (maybe choosing a head for the project even if it’s a joint effort? whatever). He’s a nice and open guy who loves the Street Fighter story and its community.

Also there’s this quote which is quite insightful:

"The SF story is too convuluted and on crack for just one person to handle ^_~ "
Tiamat 11/12/2001


In the mean time, I’m scouring the main thread for references, sources and challenges to stuff in the plot guide that Vas shot down to see if there is more stuff we should be considering for the guide. I figure it’d be best if we try to take into account claims or challenges other folks who might not still be around might have made against content in the guide. That way we can consider more than just what we all think.

So far I haven’t found anything outside what we’ve listed really…though it is an infuriating process in light of recent events.

Though it’s also good for laughs occasionally…found this gem…

Vas - “Gouki I can see as culturally based on the ashura, but CJ says that visually he’s based on the deva”

Me - “Ashura are one of the types of Deva’s”

That always makes me giggle. I’ll continue my work. Getting a bit bombarded on Unity too from people coming out of the woodwork to try and challenge stuff in the guide. Not super bombarded, mind you…but enough. A lot of it is stuff we’ve already got in there so no worries.


What about the books? I think we should make a list of what we have until now… I can provide scans or pictures if needed.

I’ll make my (short, as I don’t have that many) list as soon as I get home.


Ah that is a good idea as well.

One thing I found was…Bison’s shoulder pads channeling Psycho Power from the Psycho Drive…I’ve never seen that substantiated anywhere.

I can take a catalog of my books tonight…and actually should have another book arriving today


Man, this is one of the few instances I regret not visiting this forum more often. I’ve had plot guide 4.4 since forever (as I said in the main thread, it was the last version I was able to read properly) and could have provided it sooner. Oh well.

Bring on Saiki’s post!


So if we don’t hear back from somebody by end of the weekend, I think what we should do is I’ll put up empty files back into the repository with the same outline structure as the guide. People can start adding stuff to those, and they will be easily mergable into the guide if and when we get permission to do so. And if for whatever reason we decide to start over, that work will still be a good beginning for that.


Don’t really know who (i.e. which group of individuals) is gonna handle the new plot guide, but I think it’d be a good idea for anyone who knows Japanese to try their absolute best to translate in English that flows well. That would really be a tremendous service to the community. Could establish a checks and balances system, if you know what I’m saying.