The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide development thread


So if we don’t hear back from somebody by end of the weekend, I think what we should do is I’ll put up empty files back into the repository with the same outline structure as the guide. People can start adding stuff to those, and they will be easily mergable into the guide if and when we get permission to do so. And if for whatever reason we decide to start over, that work will still be a good beginning for that.


Don’t really know who (i.e. which group of individuals) is gonna handle the new plot guide, but I think it’d be a good idea for anyone who knows Japanese to try their absolute best to translate in English that flows well. That would really be a tremendous service to the community. Could establish a checks and balances system, if you know what I’m saying.


I definitely agree with that. Getting translations that are functionally gibberish are not really that useful.


So many things to write about I don’t even know where to begin…
Regarding the SGS. I do agree with the notion that the SGS is a physical attack since it’s clearly stated in SF4 now. If anything, my assumption will be that the SGS is more like how it was described in the manga Ryu final.
Regarding Charlie Nash’s name, it’s in game so that’s his full name.(Most likely it was Capcom not wanting to create two seperate scene’s for each version and just made Charlie Nash his full name to make it easier)
I couldn’t find the reference I had regarding Vega’s shoulder pads channeling his powers. I do recall reading it somewhere. The closest I could find was in the Street Fighter Memorial official fanbook that states his armor is channeling/powering up his powers.

I am quite a bit out of touch with the story in SF4. I kinda lost interest since a lot of the characters that died were brought back to life.
Somewhat curious about all these supposed mistranslations that happened tho…
Anyways, I’ll try to post as much as possible and contribute


Saiki just made my heart grow three times this day!

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Glad to see you posting Saiki! I’ll be glad to post my findings. Right now, I’m just going through the history of the thread for on going items that were either unresolved or translations that seemed off. I’ll be done in about a week or so and then I’ll make mention soon after that.


Tiamat recently responded and graciously allowed the use of his file found here:

However his first recommendation remains the same as mine: you’re better off starting from scratch. End.


do you know it’s impossible to find that Alpha Movie interview I was credit for in the old guide now? it’s been so long that now it’s gone, so trying to find it on the net would be a waste of effort.


It’s mostly that the translations are only barely readable because of broken English grammar.

Also for a long time Vasili claimed that some of the Japanese quotes were quite explicit in saying that Gouken and Gen were not alive for real, and then Azrael came to this section and said there wasn’t the slightest hint of that. From what I see, that had to do with Vasili wanting to see way too much into those quotes, not because he made a faulty translation of them (other than the broken English as usual).


Indeed. There was also the blatant misrepresentation of the events of Gouken & Gouki’s epilogue’s in SF4 in order to further support the “ghost” argument. There’s also inaccuracies in the guide regarding the Shen Long situation.

The shear illegibility of the translated quotes is what most people talk about though…they make some of SNKs worst engrish look positively Shakespearean.


I was CCed on one of the E-mails so I can confirm that we have been in contact with Tiamat at least. He’s not dead hooray! Lol!

For what it’s worth me and vasili10 will continue the CFE Faq bit by bit. I won’t make a big thing about it on Warrior’s Fate. Just check my sig whenever it changes, probably a month or two from now. Any questions on quote translations feel free to PM me.


A couple of folks have already mentioned items that are important for the new plot guide and I’ll mention a couple too… Are we going to keep the JP names or go with the American names? Personally for posterity alone it’s good to have the JP names. Gouki’s name really defines who he is… Someone with a strong spirit. Akuma? Techincally he isn’t an evil spirit. Powerful yes. But not demonic though.

What is the exact aftermath of SF2? Did dictator get SGS’d by Gouki, was the SF4 C. Viper trailer the end of the tourney, or did both of those things happen? Not aware of anyone asking Ono-san this, so I’ll give it a go.

Any chance of retranslations of Vas work, especially pre SF4? To his credit lots of stuff he had right. But many things he’s put together ain’t that easy to understand.

Is Zangief gay? Personally I don’t think so. Lol


Personally, I really loved Tiamats guide, and I’m not sure you even really CAN start from scratch and still contain a lot of the more interesting information in it, since a lot of it comes from personal sources that you won’t likely be able to find reference for anywhere else on the internet.

That was always my problem with it. Back in the Tiamat days, the guide for me, was how I familiarized myself with the entire SF mythology. And I spent hours reading it and all the translated information was fascinating and informative.

Once Vas took over, all the translated sections suddenly read like they’d been fed through Googletranslate.

Yeah, it was probably a much more literal translation, but it became much worse at it’s intended purpose of informing people about SF because just making sense of it became a complete chore.


Someone should definitely take it into their own hands, daunting as it is.


Japanese names seem more suitable, although over there at b64 we use the American ones in all the files and data we have (except for Muscle Bomber/Slam Masters, that’s all Japanese version though). Anyway, you can never mistake with Dictator, Claw and Boxer. :slight_smile:

I’m positive that Gouki killed Dictator with SGS at the end of SF2. However, I’m not entirely sure what exactly happened on the tournament itself.

I didn’t notice anything that would hint that, so no, I don’t think so either. Zangief is a typical Russian/Soviet stereotype guy, big wrestler who gives everything for his country, definitely not a gay. Not sure where did that come from.

As for SF4, hopefully Ultra SF4 will make some clear things clear.

Also, I’m supporting the opinion of doing the plot guide from scratch, but it will be very difficult to do for whoever is planning to do that. The previous plot guide contains a lot of useful info which you won’t want to miss. I’ll also be very glad to provide help together with other b64s.


I would stick with jap names too.

The SF2 ending is pure conjecture.
One of the theories is that T. Hawk, Cammy and Guile met Vega (they are the only ones who really need Vega to be defeated for their ending to happen) and their ending happened. Then, Gouki appeared and SGS Vega. From here, two things might have happened:
1 - Gouki SGS Vega and left the dictator lying on the ground. Vega survives and his post SF2 black and white picture happens (even Guile’s ending could have happened after this incident. Just take a look at his JAPANESE SSF2X ending… and remember that AASF3 in 1997 mentions that Shadoloo and Vega are “alive and well”).
2 - Gouki SGS Vega turning his body to flaming powder, only to have his remains found by Ryu (this was mentioned by a Gamest character flowchart when 3rd Strike was launched). Conjectures leads to believe that Vega’s soul entered Seth no 15 before going to vanilla SFIV prologue body.

If memory serves me right, those 4 trailers where just promotional material non canonic material.


What I don’t understand: Why is the way and the moment Akuma appeared up for debate anyway? In the game, the following happens: Just as the final battle is about to happen, Akuma jumps in, kills M. Bison and challenges Bison’s opponent.

If that’s what’s in the game, how is it possible than in canon, Akuma might have appeared after the tournament, killed Bison and then left? Or that Akuma killed Bison with no witnesses so that the dead body could be found later? None of that happens in the game, so how is it possible that this is the official canon? If the game really has top priority in the canon, shouldn’t Akuma’s appearance be like I said above?

I find it ironic that, in this case, a non-canon third party comic (the UDON “Street Fighter” comic) is closer to what actually happens in the game than the officially established canon. So, basically, the official canon contradicts the game itself. How is that even possible?


I’m still fairly sure at this point that Akuma jumping in against Bison never actually happened in SF2.


Yeah, that would be of course the easiest version: Akuma watched the tournament, but found nobody worthy to be challenged by him. So, he never interefered and the part of the game where you don’t encounter Akuma (because you weren’t good enoug) is canon.

This way, we also have no problems with the endings anymore.
That’s another problem by the way: Not only might the official canon contradict the game, but the game itself contradicts itself: Akuma jumps in, kills Bison, but after you defeat Akuma, you still see the regular ending sequence where the people talk with Bison as if they had defeated him.


The difference is in the japanese text. That’s why we can assume that Vega survived/can survive the SGS.

This fact is canon. No one fought Gouki in SF2.

From what I understand, SF2 was a known event to the whole world. We can assume that Gouki heard about Vega being the sponsor and final opponent and decided to test/attack him with his deadliest move…

About the game contradicting itself, just take a look at the Zero 3 conclusion storyline…