The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide development thread


I’ll help out here and there if asked but I probably will not actively work on the guide.

Me and vasili10 have worked on things for the guide for years behind the scenes with me sending images of tons of old Gamest magazines and the like and in the process we became good friends.

We still talk, I see his side of things and I wish he would elaborate more on his decision online. I don’t agree with it entirely but as a friend I can see his view of things.

This is entirely my decision so please don’t put this one on vasili10 too. He doesn’t mind if I help out with whatever new version the guide takes on. But since I do value our friendship which is more important to me than the guide itself I will not be taking an incredibly active role in the new incarnation.

I do wonder, what is really the purpose of continuing the guide? I’m going to be a bit of a dick here but this is something that needs to be said.

Azrael (who I don’t even know like at all and no disrespect intended) has said that we can pretty much trust the English translations in Street Fighter IV and beyond. Let’s say you believe that. If you do then what’s the purpose of maintaining the guide? Read what is provided for you in English and you are fine.

Capcom themselves releases or approves SF Eternal, the WW Encyclopedia and the recent Capcom Character Encyclopedia full of mistranslations, mistakes and errors when it comes to SF characters. This is as much as they care about SF’s story for English readers and about as much as they want you to know.

I can go deeper into detail if you want but to play nice and not names, Studio Udon doesn’t want the guide around. Neither does Capcom-Unity (ask them to sticky a plot guide creation thread in the SF forum, see what happens. At best if I say it and whoever in charge over there reads this and wants to make me look stupid and sticky it, please go ahead). Most of SRK doesn’t (see me posting this in the FAN FICTION FORUM).

If you work on the guide, realize you are doing Capcom’s work for free and they do not want you to do it or endorse you in any way. You are giving up your time (and it’s a lot of time. Time which you can be writing a book, hell curing cancer) while Capcom is quite happy that you go with the shitty versions of translations they put out, Wikipedia and SF Wikis. And in the case of future games, you can trust the English translation in those games supposedly.

And this is what most people do out there in the real world nowadays. People still go around saying “Righ-you.” People are idiotic assholes for the most part who you can’t educate if you tried. If you still say Righ-you and are playing SF4/SSF4 seriously, go kill yourself you fucking moron.

I’m not knocking the efforts to continue this guide. It’s a different generation from all of us that have worked on the older version back in the day. This generation may need its own guide and that’s totally fine. Just wanted to point out things that you may or may not be aware of so you can decide how and why you wish to proceed. Know that your back is to the wall and you will find that the majority of people involved in the community will give you zero support. If this is something that empowers you I envy that enthusiasm. If this is something that dissuades you, it’s entirely understandable. Perhaps these are all things you know but you should definitely be aware of them before you decide to give up tons of free time.

As always despite my tone I am still a huge fan of Capcom properties and characters. Know that I’ll always support fans and fan projects. If you ever need anything from me let me know and I’ll be around.


if anyone wants to use them/read them here are some versions of the plto guide
tiamat 4.4 version (the last)
the 5.0 (last version i found) from waybackmachine


thanks, it seems like the plot guide project has been silenced for different reasons.

Maybe in another ten years when we see Street Fighter V, we’ll see re-newed interest.


We can only hope. :frowning:


I maintain they should seriously consider another SF game but not a fighting game. Make it a fighting adventure type game using the story of SF as the backdrop. There’s enough material they could do it. Just avoid the mistakes of going ultra gritty like Streetwise did trying to be GTA.


Hi, I’m just gonna leave this here.


… I come back after years and this is happening. Now I wish that I am a billionaire so that I have the time to help to work on this with the rest of you guys…tsk…


So disappointed to come back to this community and see so much dissonance regarding the plot guide. I don’t know what happened but I really hope this project did not die. I also think it is best to start from scratch, find a new way to interpret all the data and reconcile the contradictions in the plot while making the least number of assumptions in the process.

If you guys need a writer/editor who also happens to love SF, hit me up.


Seriously? A whole year after being given Tiamat’s last draft and nothing to show for it?

Gouki: “Haji to shirei!”

Gouki, Gen, Gouken all together: “SHOUSHI!!”


Sorry, Vas…but you fucked shit up in the guide so bad it A) took the wind out of peoples sails and B) is a big mess to correct.


Seriously? A whole year after deciding not to show up here anymore and then you do it anyway, just for some generic asshole statement?


No shit.

Throws a bitch fit when he gets shown up, refuses to help and collaborate when he can’t act as a total (sham of an) authority on the material…then comes back a year later to sperg out over the fact that no one has had time to fix his fucking mess. Geez, it’s almost like people have lives outside the plot guide.


:rofl: Ooh cute, translation: “sorry but we’re too lazy to back up what our mouths spouted earlier.”

Since when is this thread Warriors Fate? I’ve never left from SRK, just from WF. Guess you didn’t decipher the memo correctly over there…zanen datta na.

Oh but there is, on your faces. The guide is back as 5.u thanks to Capcom of Japan and Ultra Street Fighter 4, and this forum is not and will no longer be spoonfed from it.

All lives now resumed, you’re welcome.


Seriously, Vas you’ve become such a sad little troll. You had what was apparently the one thing in your life taken away under absolutely embarrassing circumstances and now the best you can do is come troll that other people haven’t the time to work on the project that was your responsibility and that you abused for your own self-aggrandizement.

No, the guide is back to where it was because of YOU and because of your actions and your inability to actually accept the advancement of Street Fighters plot in necessary ways and directions. Because things happened in the story that you didn’t like you threw a fit and then tried to bury those things as if YOU could dictate what was or wasn’t canon.

No one needs to be spoon fed from you or from the plot guide. For fucks sake, I’ve had a better understanding of the major plot points than you BECAUSE I haven’t been slavishly devoted to the plot guide as some dogma.

Your attitude and actions over the last couple years have obliterated any respect I, and I’m sure others, could have for you. Go back to sadly lamenting the loss of any internet authority (already a pathetic concept) you may have had in your little corner of the Street Fighter world and fapping to Gouken’s daughter, Vas.


:rofl: Aww, keep sleeping on that side of the bed dear, seeing as you can’t even discern what a fit is or what a lament is.

You think I’m a troll then why would you bother responding at all? To defend dead decisions? Just let the assumed ranting run dry and let the proven-pointless thread grow dormant once more.


Vas, just stop.

The only thing looking pointless thus far is your presence here and your history with the plot guide since all your contributions were deleted by you and you’ve been disgraced. Either contribute or continue to have your trolling pointed out for the sad little display it is.


:rofl: After you.


I think I’ve had a moderate stance in the whole drama. I appreciate Vasili’s work in the guide. I’ve defended his work when I’ve thought it’s been due and I’ve criticized it when I’ve thought it’s been due as well. I still think the same.

Now, honestly, Vasili, I’ve taken a quick read to 5.u and I have to say that you’ve wasted a very good chance at showing you had learned something from “the incident”.


What exactly did their mouths spouted? Did they brag “Hey, we can do a much, much better plot guide”, so that ridicule is justified? Or did they just say things like “Hm, since Vasili quit, maybe we should continue the plot guide on our own”? Because in the latter case, I don’t really see any statements that require to be “backed up”.

If we were all robots who worked on simple binary logic, you would have a point. But since we’re people whose brains understand intention and context, your statement makes no sense:

No, this isn’s the Warriors’ Fate thread. Nevertheless, it’s a thread that directly derived from it. Not only that, but it was created specifically in the context of you leaving the plot section. Therefore, writing here contradicts your claim that you’re through with it.
Otherwise, your claim would have been pointless in the first place. Because you could always answer any statement from the Warriors’ Fate thread by creating a new thread. And according to your logic, in this case you technically wouldn’t have contradicted your own statement, since you hadn’t posted in the Warriors’ Fate thread.

You see how nonsensical this is?
It’s like saying that you won’t buy anything from a specific store again, but then you buy something from the seller when he opens a sales booth at a local fair, claiming that this doesn’t contradict your statement since you were only talking about the store.
But every person who doesn’t work like a computer realizes that it really makes no difference in practice.

Erm, in how far does this make a difference? Whoever desires to read it can read it and whoever desires to discuss it can discuss it. So, why is the fact that this forum won’t be “spoonfed” from it a disadvantage again?

And? Did he include some more conspiracy theories or anything noteworthy that you noticed?


He just kept them all, the Gen and Gouken impostors, refers to Poison in masculine grammar, keeps neglecting to mention Charlie’s name from SF4, etcetera, etcetera. I don’t think he marked anything as speculation or did anything else to explain himself or I don’t know what. It’s as if nothing happened.

I’m not sure if he added anything else of note, I just scrolled to certain parts to see how they read.