The Street Fighter Plot Canon Guide development thread


Referring to Poison as “he” never made sense to me. Would Vasili do this to real persons as well?

If no, then why does he do it in the plot guide? Because the plot guide is based on the Japanese canon? Erm, yeah. The question with which pronouns a certain real person refers to Poison has nothing to do with canon in the first place.

The statement “Poison is a newhalf” is a statement about canon. (For example, “Poison is 100% a woman” would be an incorrect, non-canon statement.)
But if you or me or Vasili refers to Poison as “him” or “her” is in no way related to canon at all. (I.e. the statement “Poison uses the skills she learned in the Mad Gear Gang” is no less correct or canon than the statement “Poison uses the skills he learned in the Mad Gear Gang.”)

I mean, if he writes an essay about some 17th century novel, would he instist to say that a certain character in the story “killeth” another one instead of that he kills another one?

Same with the plot guide: It’s supposed to retell the canon facts of the Japanese canon, not to sound like it was written by a Japanese guy itself and imitate their style of narration.

So, linking your usage of pronouns to the speaking style of the people who declare the canon of a story? That’s just retarded.


On the contrary, mikros, 5.u reflects exactly what was learned from “the incident,” in addition to keeping in accordance with CJ and USF4, and whether anyone refuses to believe any or all of these points or not.

Any desired questions to me from this point forward, witnessing that the rabidness from WF continues to be spilled into here as well, shall be through one of the three methods of contact specified in 5.u, and no exceptions to these.

One question asked and answered at a time per person, before moving onto another. That should be reasonable in terms of accommodating everyone, as there are already questions being posed to me and being addressed in this fashion and pattern, even as we speak.

With this I take my posting leave from this thread as well. If anyone decides to make anything happen using Tiamat’s final draft or something made from scratch, a reminder to heed Sano’s post above and best of success.


So, what you learned from the incident was that it is easier to have no public discussions and no challenges?

Let me repeat that I truly appreciate your work, but you are taking your guide in the wrong direction. I thought that you would have used this year to take a step back, take a breath and think why most regular members in SRK and CUnity have disagreed with you in various ways, leading to the call to Azrael and the following drama we know, but I see it’s all the same.


Really? That’s what you thought? If anybody had asked me what I think about Vasili’s actions, then I would have predicted that he learned nothing from it and that his opinion didn’t change at all.


I remember Vas having a big ego in yonder years, but man get your ass back here on Earth. You are NOT an authority on SF canon, even though it’s obvious from your air of self-importance that you truly believe you are. I had so much respect for you for years, but honestly all you are really doing now is consciously disseminating false information into our community. You should be ashamed of yourself.


So the little fuckhead’s back at it?

That’s funny. I talked to Ono in person at a San Francisco Gamestop signing back in August. Just to show you I’m not joking, here he is on my iPad.

He said some of the Capcom staff saw the Plot Guide after the crap Vasili threw at Matt Moylan, and they pretty much all agreed that he’s full of shit. “Keeping in accordance with CJ,” my ass.


Fucking classic.


First, what’s that on Ono’s head, and second, when was this, because I don’t recall hearing about Ono making an appearance at a Gamestop?


He’s dressed as Hugo- note the wig, muscle suit and pink shirt.


But was this mentioned in any newsites like IGN or whatever have you?


How did I know he’d come back just to flag people’s posts? Lol.


LOL bad ass!!


Alright, here we are, one year later. (O.k., one day too early, but I guess this doesn’t matter.) And this is what I wrote 12 months ago:

Unlike Vasili, I don’t take joy in the fact that the plot guide hasn’t advanced, so I’m not quoting myself to make fun of anybody. All I want to say is: Sometimes, the pessimistic stance is the realistic one. People who think the plot guide is not dead because some users come here every few months and write a line or two are a bit too optimistic. It should be pretty clear by now that this project won’t go anywhere anymore. Which is really a pity because I would have liked to see a new plot guide. But, well, that’s life.


Man, I didn’t want to agree with you, but unfortunately, I can see your point. Well, maybe now that SF5’s trailer has been leaked, people’s interest may be renewed? I dunno. It was good while it lasted. :confused:


they may as well just make it officially canon that each street fighter game takes place in a day within the same tournament


Hah, that would be a heck of an intense day!


Eh, I don’t think so.


Well if there was an opportunity to debut a new plot guide, before SF5’s release would be it. We still have a bit more than a year!


I’d prefer a new one be made from scratch. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need to be treated like some big important business pitch. It’s a fan creation, not an internal Capcom project.

That’d be like slapping copyright strikes on art based off a fan character. Seems kinda silly, but I’m probably missing something.


First and probably last post, so just wanted to say after starting to read Tiamat’s Guide (and also vasili10’s shorter version 5.0) I am struck with some odd observations:

1- The guides express negative feelings towards Capcom, and is defensive against naysayers, and it takes away from the work.
2- The writing itself is not organized, and focuses on trivia, fan theories (gay Zangief), and has way too much information about Final Fight and the other Capcom franchises.
3- Seriously, if the goal was to write a Canon Guide, it is not necessary to cover every Street Fighter game variation (for example, if SF: Alpha 2 overwrote SFA1, why ramble about SFA1?), nor is it necessary for UDON comic book discussions since the Guide says that they do not count anyway. There are just walls and walls of text- feels like 1995 all over again- about stuff that should have been in a trivia Wikia or Street Fighter Unauthorized History book.
4- I would have enjoyed reading about the canon games with nice clear character bios straight from the actual game manuals, as opposed to the mind-numbing “what if?” analysis of every possible ending and possible contradictions. If the case that a retcon occurs in a game or manual, just mention it without going into OCD zone. I also was felt discussing “official” Capcom statements was a waste of time- just focus on the content from the games.
5- Way too much drama in this thread about Japanese vs American translations, Guide copyright ownership, etc.