The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


Dated this China actress for a while and her name’s Winter and everytime she came close to coming I’d hum the game of thrones theme.


how cute, the once cynical Vhozite who had 90% of people on here blocked is opening up.


rrrgh I was doing so well, then my internet flipped out during a match against a Canadian Akuma player after getting insane lag spikes the whole match. 1Bacon1, if you’re out there, sorry about that. My FANG held up surprisingly well. Really liking the startup reduction on his st.HP, now I can link it after cr.MK or st.HK on counter hit.


somehow I made it about 90% through FF8 relying basically only on magic on GFs, then found out that [details=Spoiler]the final dungeon disables those things[/details] and just rage quit . I hadn’t upgraded any of my weapons past the first few zones and my junctions were so fucked up that my characters were getting killed in 1-2 hits by most bosses and even some random encounters.

the thing is… since getting 1 or 2 shot was par for the course in some of the earlier FF titles, I didn’t realize that I was doing anything wrong until it was too late.


I’ve never seen a Necalli jump so much. That second round of the first game was tragic. Homie cracked.


should’ve added Hugo instead of Abi


this day Quark learned the power of minmaxing.


Don’t play ranked.


Did that for most of my life. It’s not so bad…at least, if you never experienced it to begin with and thus don’t know what you’re missing.

Can’t imagine it nowadays. Not just because of how good it feels but because it’s also a great stress reliever. It’s like a drug but it costs nothing :rofl:


Wonder if he would’ve done the same if the winner hadn’t been an Akuma player.


Man I suck at this game


If Capcom can stay on schedule again - Menat at end of September, then Zeku at the end of November



Everytime I read Zeku my mind inadvertently thinks “Zaku”.


when you beat someone on a huge win streak and you watch the end of round animations nervously for them to rage quit



Fear Char Aznable… Hail Zeon…


When you are in a close fought match at set point and the lag starts


If Capcom was really slick they rapid fire out the remaining characters - Menat in August, Zeku in September - to get the full S2 cast out with enough time for everyone to enjoy the “full” roster for a bit. But way more realistically it’ll be great if we can just get everyone before the end of the year.

Abagail looks way better in motion at the WSO session.





That’s not really slick if the characters are still in development. Let them finish their things instead of forcing them to release half assed characters only to have us complain about that after.