The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


Is the drawback of being literally the easiest game in the whole franchise, even easier on PC when you have access to chocobo world. Later I’ma unlock chocobo and therefore chocobo wold, where you can glitch basically infinite items.
Also every single level up only needs 1000 EXP, in the past I did Squall to lvl 100 before ifrit just for shits and giggles


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He just said Zaku, and you know… Yeah.


More of what I mean is that ideally Capcom would have been doubling down on work in the background so that they would be be able to kick out characters a little more aggressively after having hit a delay. But it is pretty clear that they don’t have the resources to ramp their dev efforts up anywhere. They are having a hard enough time just keeping up with their original schedule.

I don’t want them to rush anything. One of the few things I think Capcom has done really well with Season 2 is that they’ve delivered very well on all these new characters that could have easily been massive fuck ups. I think they’ve done that again with Abagail overall and it’d be cool to see them ride that momentum a bit instead of having these big 2-3 month gaps where I forget that there is even a character coming. Better too long and get it right than rush it though.

Hell it apparently took a year just to get Alex’s costume right. :wink:


Necro is a genetically modified organism.

Oro is some sort of weird hermit who has changed his body’s composition with mysticism or some bullshit.

Abigail is just Canadian.


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Yes, this is why necro is better on a genetic level

He is also godly


I am cautiously optimistic that Menat will be the lame footsie type char this game deserves.

But then what terrible weakness will they give her? Inconsistent AAs like Karin & Vega? An inability to deal real damage unless extremely up close like Chun? Maybe they will give her a fireball?


Digging up an old post here…

I told you guys this story about a month ago, now the dude kept his word and never played with me since then, until today. I was playing Ranked and the game matched us against each other. So first of all the dude’s connection have gotten awful, i am talking the ping going like 88, 204, 600 +, 60,… stuff like that, the ping was all over the place and the match was pretty much unplayable.

Not only that, he actually waited until he saw who i will pick (WW) before he went to blind select then counter pick me. So then i messaged him asking him about the connection, i was like " Dude, why is it this bad, if it is this unstable then don’t play ranked “. He answered by saying " Thank god, i didn’t want to play against you anyways”

I am just like wow… This dude is really something.


It’s so funny. People get upset about not sharing tech/knowledge and then say, “this is why Japan is so good” blah blah blah. Well in the post-evo interview with tokido by espn, tokido said Japan hides tech from each other too. But with the rise of players like Punk and Du, they started sharing more with each other because they now have a common enemy(as tokido put it).


That character already exists, her names Cammy.


You gonna play Abby? Also how did your GG training turn out?

Okay okay okay… hear me out. I strongly believe that Menat and Zeku will drop at the same time.

We have to remember that last year they fucked up the schedule to. Had they followed their every other month plan we wouldn’t have started season 2 until the end of January.

If Menat comes out in Sept and Zeku in Nov then whatever they show at CC will be late again.

Now, what major FG or video game event besides CC/PSX is coming up?

SDCC doesn’t count because Abby isn’t even out yet.


What if I don’t like him just because he’s ugly?


Abigail is better looking than Vega, he probably gets more women too. When they hear that engine run… They know what’s coming



FWIW that’s the kind of shit I’m hoping for too. But given CC’s track record so far a more reasonable pull is for Zeku pre-2018.

Maybe they’ll have baller announcement at SDCC?



And this morning, he’s saying a remake of Cammy’s SF2 stage is coming.

Edit: And a Ring stage for Mika :wtf:


He’s also saying Extra Battle mode will come with Abigail’s patch.


Where the FUCK did Juri’s ass go.
Edit: Nevermind I raged too fast, I forgot her model sinks her ass in during her Win Quote. Still getting her ALT. No belt though…that’s weird.


She had a volume transfer to her tits