The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


Oh o, he’s the one SFV needs right now.


You better check yo self before you wreck yo self
Cause I’m bad for your health
I come real stealth dropping bombs on ya moms!

multiple fire emojis


Break it down ma boy.


I think both release schedules have merit.

All at once is probably better for a competitive season and it makes for one helluva initial release. Gives everyone a lot to look at either playing as or against the new characters and you don’t have to worry about new characters coming along mid cycle throwing off balance or not being used because they’re still being hashed out.

Monthly/bi-monthly is better for player engagement. The grinders are gonna grind no matter what so you don’t need to worry about them. Having content come along every month or two gives your “dedicated casual” players a reason to dip back into the game and sometimes a character release can turn that kind of player into a really dedicated, active player (if the char clicks). Also why Capcom went with the weekly missions, though they ultimately seriously quarter-assed it.

I think Capcom went with the right delivery model. The downside is that model works best when you have a lot of community engagement (to keep the hype up and trickle out info in a steady stream to keep eyes on your game), have content that people are interested in (I like the new chars but a lot of people are still clamoring for old favs), and sweet baby jesus you need to deliver on time.

July is at least shaping up to be a pretty rad month. Abagail, two new stages (both of which look good), and the monthly costume set it one of the better ones they’ve put together. That is good.

Then I remember the servers will probably be down all Tuesday while they roll it all out. That is less good.


Isn’t X-Kira some guy that leaks stuff based off of what other leakers say? This guy is so unreliable you might as well just ignore him at this point


should’ve added Hugo instead of Abi



I’m all for Hugo.

Rell Shyt


So, I heard they fucked up Abigail’s trailer … Can’t Capcom do anything right ?!


I only have one eye.


yes capcom can do a lot right

Like releasing Abigail


yeah, i just yesterday stumbled across some people in the store grabing sfV and talking about abigail and how it lead them to buy the game…:bee:
its like all the time…capcom feeds you with a new char, everyone gets wooohoo…few weeks later ask for a new one since the new shine rubbed off and they get bored again.

i expect abigail streams from you!


Wait till the release, I’m pretty sure they will do something bad. Wonder what it will be this time. The “failed to retrieve data” message back ?


Alright this is really starting to annoy me now, I am really clueless on how to solve this frame rate issue that the game has now… it’s like the game is running in slow motion.

Has anyone encountered this before and if so how did you fix it?


I bet Gil stole Abigail’s truck, to go with Dudley’s car.

Good thing Alex’s ride is broken down or it surely would be next.


I will be streaming my labbing him all day tuesday if anyone wants to watch that.

And probably streaming me playing ranked over the next whiles cause eh why not don’t really take any extra energy to do so!!!


I wish Bapcom would touch up on some of Abby’s animations. Both his standing and crouching jabs look off - almost looks like he’s swatting a fly than hitting his opponent.


That’s literally whats the point

Like no, actually

He’s fucking huge, any opponent is a fly to him, its intentional. A lot of his animations point to the fact he isn’t taking the fight too seriously cause why the fuck would he dudes a leviathan.



Yea dude does the fonzi for his backdash animation. He isn’t taking the fight, or the opponent serious. They did a great job on projecting his character through his animations.