The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


Now hold dat salt while knowing they nerfed Juri’s but kept Necalli’s and all that while Necalli being a much stronger character still.

Just Capcom things.


Infexious Abigail now on stream!


@“Evil Canadian” WAKE UP Infexious Abigail on stream


That was a great event. My favorite fgc couple. <3

They are doing so much for the community.


Got bored, checked where exactly I placed at EVO.

769th. Kinda what I expected. Higher than LTG apparently which is…something I guess? Probably not. :razz:

Sorta want to change my tag though. “LordWilliam” doesn’t really roll off the tongue and sounds pretentious when my name is being called…just got no ideas for a good alternative at the moment.

EDIT: WildLink will do I suppose. Think I’ll keep my username the same on here though.


Make your tag “CharacterCrisis”


ThickLord, BumLord, LordoftheBum,ThickWilli, ThirstyWilliams,LordWoo, LoWi, WhoisMichaelJacksonWilliams




Kinda random but for some reason i have this theme in my mind.



Damn, you’re leveling up pretty fast.
Use the tag Master Baiter.


…isn’t that already taken? :rofl:


Perky butts are nicer butts

And did Fuudo win or not? If so. Called it. GF at least otherwise WTF.


Lord Baiter then.


Luffy got downloaded.


PSA to all Ken players… Fix your fucking internet!


I have been burned by Fuudo’s dedication to second place too many times now. Told ya yesterday.


Mika is still very strong


Uncle Will