The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


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Do you guys have any tips on correcting bad habits?

I reviewed some of my latest losses this morning and noted like 26 areas where I need to improve. I posted them in this spoiler if anyone would be patient enough to read through them. The notes are very detailed, so I understand not doing it, but I would appreciate it greatly…

However, just general tips on fixing bad habits (like sweeping at point blank range, mashing buttons when pressured in the corner, doing too many jump-in attacks, etc), would also be appreciated.

  1. Still throwing out bad DP’s:
  • Did a DP at the very start of round before opponent could even jump
  • Did a DP after blocking an opponent’s special, and since my DP will have slow startup, the opponent will most likely block it, which they did
  1. I am free to neutral jumps and cross-ups on wake up, and even cross-ups in neutral (especially when I’m pressing buttons - if the opponent is out of the range for my buttons, I don’t need to be pressing every button under the sun. Press buttons when I’m in the range, or maybe if they try to walk forward, but don’t just mash buttons).

  2. After I knock someone down, I may try to neutral jump them on their wake up, but it seems like I’ll do it based on a normal rise timing and not may attention to what the opponent is actually doing. In one instance, they did a quick-rise and had come up before I even jumped. I tried to jump after they already stood up, but they were able to jab me and follow it up with a combo.

  3. During a match, I’m not learning when an opponent has spotted a weakness of mine and exploits it:

  • One opponent AA’d one of my jump in attacks during neutral, and yet, I did it again, where he AA’d that one as well, and then jumped in at this opponent two more times, and was punished (over the course of two matches). It seems that I have a tendency to jump in when we’re just standing around in neutral and I’m within jumping distance, perhaps I’m bored, or impatient, but it’s not a good strategy, particularly against someone who constantly AA’s my jump-in attempts. Walking/dashing forward would be a better thing to do, as it will startup the action again, and would have less risk.
  1. I’m still not learning my opponent’s tendencies:
  • One opponent would only either neutral jump my wake-up or throw, and with that in mind, I should have been able to do at least block or reverse every wake-up, but I didn’t.
  1. I need to follow-up with my frame traps. If I do Cr. HP and it’s blocked, but then follow up with St. MP and it hits, I need to combo off of that MP.

  2. Stop sweeping at point black range!

  3. Don’t start a round with any move automatically, wait to see what the opponent does, or doesn’t do.

  4. When I’m in the corner, I seem to just buttons without really paying attention to what my opponent is doing. For examples, if they’re near me and pressuring me, I may just mash throw, despite them attacking me.

  5. I still will try a jumping attack on an opponent is too close to land a jumping HP on, yet a cross-up attack will do, but I’ll still throw out the HP which will whiff

  6. Need to know the range of my opponent’s normals. I walked up to a crouching Vega, who has a very long reach claw attack, and he just swiped at me for free once I was within his range.

  7. Need to know when it’s safe to punish opponents, Cammy’s V-skill is safe on block, yet, I will throw out jabs after it to try and punish her and she’ll get a Counter.

  8. Do not do you HP ~ HP target combo on a blocking opponent, the recovery of the second hit is very long.


  10. If I don’t have time for an AA DP, do B+ HP. Or, sometimes I do have the time, but have to be very quick with the execution, particularly if I’m still recovering from a whiffed button, or they’re jumping in at close range. These are also great times for B + HP.

  11. Only do Raging Demon if it will kill the opponent. If an opponent is jumping in and I have both bars, I could activate V-Trigger, do my normal CA, and still have the V-Trigger for a portion of this fight. Using a Raging Demon that won’t finish off an opponent, just strips away my most powerful resources.

  12. When walking forward, I need to make a conscious effort to stop pressing forward before doing an attack, unless it’s like F+HP, and that’s my goal:

  • I often walk forward but then try to throw a fireball and a DP will come out that is usually punished.
  • Sometimes, I walk forward and to try throw a standing MP, but still hold forward so an overhead comes out, which has a long startup, and is very punishable if blocked.
  1. Work on my Crush Counter combos. I need to find out the spacing where a walk forward and LK Tatsu is too far. If I need to do MK Tatsu, don’t bother following it up with a DP, as I often whiff and usually get punished for it.

  2. If going for Air-to-Air attacks don’t use HP. Use MP to get the first hit.

  3. Don’t try to throw when too far for it to reach. I once did a Cr. HP which was blocked and then tried to throw without walking forward.

  4. Get better at hit-confirming. Don’t throw a Tatsu after a two-hit hit confirm if the opponent blocked both normals.

  5. Don’t do LK Tatsu at crouching opponents.

  6. When I have a chance to Crush Counter a whiffed DP, do it and take full advantage of it.

  7. Continue blocking until I see an opening, which probably wouldn’t be until after a special attack, and likely most hard normals, and overheads.

  8. Remember to neutral jump on my wake up against characters with command grabs.

  9. Don’t throw out supers raw. A lot of times, I’ll be trying to use my special as a counter and will get within range of it to hit and will just throw it out while we’re both in neutral, and if they’re not pressing a button, they’ll just block it, which happens a lot. Also, there are times I try to use it as an AA, which is fine and often hits, but often I’m too late and the opponent can land and block by the time the active frames come out.

Some of these I can probably work on through Training and then doing Casual Matches while being okay to lose and just trying to work on these during actual matches (such as 2, 3, 6, 10, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22).

But the majority of the items are just bad habits that I can’t seem to shake - most of which I’ve been doing since day 1.


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@KingCrimson The main reply for all of the points above could be simply: stop doing it. Like literally, try to do entire games forcing yourself to not do those things, even if the opponent gives you good occasions to do them. Don’t DP even if you know they’re gonna press buttons on wakeup, don’t jump on them even if you’re in a crossup situations, don’t sweep even if you see them walking backward… etc. Do it a couple sets for every mistake you’ve listed until you start resisting the urge of doing it all the time. When you’ve done that you’ll start understanding when and how to jump, at which points it’s a good idea to DP…

Also neutral jumping against command grabs isn’t always a good idea, because 1. most of those characters also have air grabs 2. they are sometimes negative on your wakeup and you don’t always need to be scared about pressing buttons.


just lost connection to opponent 3 times
in battle lounge
after playing 2 matches per set



Thanks @OceanMachine that’s great advice. I will do just that.



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