The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere




No one’s freaking out cause they’re adding a characters from " final fight. " They’re freaking out cause he looks fucking awful.


Mark my words. He’s going to start looking good by WSO on Tuesday


Same shit that happens every time a goofball character gets revealed. If it ain’t a badass or edgy character people scoff at it til they warm up to it.

People bitched about Rufus and Hakan too IIRC.


Oh buddy, her DP needs more than that


I hate how you guys are just ignoring the fact that he looks like shit on a professional level. Rufus and Hakan’s models matched the quality of the game they were in.


Don’t forget waifus! Those are the 3 interchangeable criteria to unanimous approval: Badass, edgy, waifu
Anything that dares to tread beyond that territory is automatically hated universally.


Where was this claim made by LPN?


Ever heard of Streets of Rage ?

It was basically either Streets of Rage or final fight back then. SOR was the ultimate waifu, SOR vs FF needed to happen.She will be a perfect guest IMO.



The fuck do you want him to look like?

Can’t have no goofy characters in my SF! I bet the people complaining about Abigail are the same fucks that would want Dan in the game.


I think most people knew. The dudes on commentary always say the dumbest shit, probably on purpose sometimes to appeal to beginners/non player and to hype stuff up.

That’s like when Momochi with Ken confirms into CA and they all go nuts like it’s “the Momochi special”. That shit is the easiest Ken one hit confirm. which Momochi can confirm 9.5/10 times is harder than this.


Why are people surprised about James Chen crying?
I’ve been watching EVO for 5 years now and I haven’t seen a single EVO yet where James and Seth are not crying.
Kinda disappointed in Seth not being there for the people and casting on ESPN though.

They really fucking love fighting games and seeing them grow.
Means so much to them.


Paging @Hecatom 's av

  1. Rufus doesn’t look nearly as bad as Abigail.
  2. Sure you can argue that he’s gonna be " hype " come WSO, NLBC, or WNF, but doesn’t mean he’s not awful, of course a character who takes up half the screen with his wacky nonsense is gonna be hype, cause it’s gonna be funny to look at. I don’t think anyone is gonna get tired of seeing Mika stunner him, and only get to his waist or seeing Mika spin him around in her command grab raibow throw like Goku throwing Recoome.

@“DevilJin 01”


Why would one ever want a body like that? I can’t see the point.


It’s cause they have a mental illness, you know how some people can’t properly assess how good they are at something, so they show up to American Idol thinking they have a chance to win it all despite being horrible? Dunning Kruger Syndrome is what you would call that, a cognitive bias.

This would also be some type of cognitive bias, people who have bodies like that can’t tell when they’ve done too much, they see something totally different than the average person when looking in the mirror at themselves. It could even stem from insecurity, maybe they were a small kid that got picked on in elementary, middle school, and even high school, so they felt like they were tired of being small, so they just look down at their chest from a first person perspective and see a big powerful untouchable (unbullyable) hulk, so they find security in that, it could be anything really.


That may be true, but I’ve already seen people say before MvCI Chun’s face lift that she was starting to look better or she didn’t look as bad. SFIV isn’t really a great comparison since that game had things like Gief having muscles in areas of his body that don’t anatomically have muscles.


I will take aby’s design over fatass rufus anyday of the damn week. Rufus’ only appeal is his simple minded personality…


Rufus can stay where he is. No crossovers, no Marvel, stay fat and away. Especially since he was just a shitty function of Yun and Yang.


Rufus AND Abigail can stay far away from any game in the future.

Interviewer: So combofiend, we heard that Cyclops and Magneto weren’t gonna be in this game.

Combofiend: "Yeah, we couldn’t fit all the Xmen character in, so we only had room for two more character, so we decided to put in abigail and rufus cause we wanted to surprise the fans, so unfortunately Cyclops had to sit out, as well as Magneto.

Interviewer: Interviews over, fuck you.