The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


He’s canadian man…noone loves us. :frowning:


There’s nothing charming or endearing about Abigail, dude’s proportions are just done horribly wrong for no reason. Literally looks as if a 4th grader drew Broly. The reason why his other outfits look better is because they either hide his shoulder area so it looks good or fix the head so you get less nonsensical muscle to look like. The welding mask makes his body have better proportions so it makes him look better overall.

Hopefully the gameplay makes up for the goofy ass…everything.


Yeah people aren’t mad that the new char is Abigail… they are mad at how ugly he is designed.

I now fear that Menat is going to be a midget.

Zeku… idk, he’ll have some gimmicky design for sure.


also I think nobody caught on to this paragraph in the blog:

Night to day transitions baby :woot:


All i hear are a bunch of manlets angry over the peak masculinity that is Abigail.


You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like…


Did I read somewhere that Abigail was gonna get showcased at WSO on Tuesday?


If I am to make a comment on the grand finals, it’s simply experience as some of you have already said. Something Punk lacked in that match was the psychological mindset needed to exploit people as the game gets tighter. I noticed throughout the set that Punk kept regressing to tactics that are not too different from lower skilled players, such as depending on throws to open Tokido up instead of fishing for more openings by adding psychological delays to his attacks. This is what Tokido was doing to Punk. He would do two low attacks, wait, then do another one off beat while Punk was either not blocking or trying to bring out a slower attack. This one of the ways he was opening Punk that I analyzed watching the match. After that, it was just a matter of guessing wakeups for Tokido. Another is that Punk kept running into Akuma’s s. mk. He got hit by this several times in the first set, and continued to in the next one, which goes to show that his adapt skills aren’t too great. He follows what he learns, but doesn’t think on the fly when it comes down to the strictest conditions, which is a trait shared among people who aren’t that experienced.

Of course, my concerns are only opinions. I’m not a pro yet and I don’t see myself winning an Evo for the next ten years. But just a thoughts from my pov. In the end, Karin’s damage is insane and she’s very good at building meter, which is why Punk has been running pretty well through the tournament. As long as you don’t drop anything, you can win most games with her good damage and good footsie range game. Punk has the engine that is Karin down, but his skills are still incomplete.


Barring some true crapulence

I am taking Abigail to diamond rank

a few days should be enough to get back into the hang of things


i knew it would fit :coffee:


…so apparently all I need to not be sick on the flight home is to watch the Lego Batman Movie. Who knew.

Batman is the ultimate Dramamine.

On topic: I think all Abigail needs to have his shoulders not be that massive. That’s about it. It’s like the tires on his arms are pinching his muscles and blowing 'em up like a balloon on either side. Just looks bad. Story and Premium make him look pretty good.

Animations are still kinda wonky though, but I’d have to see 'em again in-game.


I think they need to be bigger


One that looks like a human


That’s what she said.


Canadians are the next evolution of Humanity…


talking about yourself in third person again babo?..tztztz :bee:


What about tattoos of the Canadian Flag?




after kof dies with kof15, capcom should get the snk designers for sf6. then we can finally have good designs instead of this abigail shit,.


time to end it before its to late