The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


after kof dies with kof15, capcom should get the snk designers for sf6. then we can finally have good designs instead of this abigail shit,.


time to end it before its to late


Can’t stop us now. We have trudeau.



i heard pushing a pipe in your asses and pumping it up with shampoo water will get rid of you.
but i have the fear that you guys just want people to think and do so for your own pleasure. :pensive:


I watched the tokido interview

re: abigail

Tokido: “I want to play him”

Tokido: “I like it”

There ya have it haters, get left behind!!!


but when you leave everyone behind…you will end up being alone :sad:


To be fair, Abigail has more reason to be anatomically incorrect than Gief.


@You You think Selive is bad, check these idiots out .



AAA character design here, I will say that Luong and the sleepy kid are cool characters though.


Not sure how I feel about SFV having a goofball character guys… Abigail.

Oh wait, I forgot there was this guy that flaps his arms around and doesn’t look like he is human compared to the rest of the cast… What was his name again? Hank?


Think his name was Ken


Edmund: "I think fighting layer Ex might make it in. But it’ll have low number of entrants and die after a year like kof 14. Even though I do want it to succeed.

This is my dream line up.

Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Fighter layer Ex
Blazblue tag

I respect the smash games but If we gotta sacrifice fighting layer and blazblue tag because of the two smash games I’ll be really disappointed.

At least it’s better than

Smash melee
Smash 4
Smash switch
Mario kart
Mario tennis
Wii sports."

My reply:
The issue here is that Smash 4 and Melee have had the 2nd and 3rd most amount of entrants in 2015, 2016, and 2017, by a significant margin over the game with the 4th most number of entrants, every single time. Even if it might be ideal in some people’s minds or desired for EVO to get rid of them, they just can’t afford to. The amount of money EVO would lose from lack of attendance if they dropped even one of the two, let alone both, is incredibly immense. I have no idea the chances of the other two Nintendo games to make it to EVO 2018. I sincerely doubt ARMS will as the general consensus from that game’s first few major tournaments is that it’s not that enjoyable to watch. Pokkén DX may or may not, depending on how the game does the first few months after launch. But the return of Smash 4 and Melee is basically guaranteed because EVO will definitely not choose to lose the huge amount of entrants (2,500-3,500, maybe even more next year) that it would cost them to remove those games.


Also for those that were wondering about Yamada Taro/Mizuha’s results (number 1 Chun online)

He beat Noel Brown and Chris Majora in winners in pools, then lost to Saliou (US Karin player) and then in losers immediately lose to Neckeserr (Super Diamond Korean Gief player, also played Gief in SFIV). Didn’t make it out of pools. Scary ass pools


F.A.N.G is perfection.

Do not slander his name.


Whose alt is that Flamel guy?


Let the man dream dude, We can all dream to see the day with EVO without 4 hours smash finals.

@Edmund Dream all you want dood.


I’m no one’s alt. I’m a new user.


I dream of an EVO with both Smash games, ARMS, Pokken, and the rest filled with anime.

Clearly my dream is the correct one!


This fucking game…


Define good