The Street Fighter V Lounge - Balrog Mains on Suicide Watch


“Played”. Fuck you Capcom.


If I just play hard do I get all the colors?


1 more minute and you won’t be able to get a refund.

They knew what they were doing.


Don’t think so


That’s pretty dumb.

To be fair, grinding is pretty dumb to begin with.

Let me unlock my damn colours by playing, stupid game.


game crashed for the 5th time. wth.


Whats the point of doing Hell difficulty in survival if it doesn’t unlock anything?


For fun.


I just died on the 29th match of normal… Also getting disconnected every 5 minutes. Time for a break.


Pretty sure you get a title.


Yea I’m done for the night. Not sure if the ps4 version is holding up any better but the PC version can’t stay logged in for more then 5 minutes… Not getting that disconnected salt right now. Will try again tomorrow.


for those experiencing crashes, do you have a Wacom tablet plugged in by chance?


Wow I’m starting to feel less grumpy about not being able to play until tomorrow.


Can you use one CFN ID for both versions? I’m thinking of getting it for PC too.


Noope, if you get both make pc your troll account.


You US guys should get some rest. It’s morning in Europe now. Perfect stable server for us


No, I tried it and it just says the ID is already taken. Disappointing since it will take twice as long to unlock.


But don’t you want 2 accounts … so you can grind survival mode … all … over … again …

Is launch a failure yet? I need Capcom defense force to explain to me why day 1 isn’t a failure. I’m lost.


I think that the only thing I am not liking about the game is that you are asked everytime, AFTER a disconnect, if you want to reconnected…
I mean, of course I want…
The game could reconnet itself, without asking!
If I didn’t want to reconnect, I would simply close the game…

I so like this!!!


That didn’t work, but thanks for the suggestion. Other people in the performance thread are having the same issue. Apparently it seems that the game is running on the integrated GPU rather than the dedicated GPU, and even setting it to run on the dedicated one in the Nvidia control panel isn’t working?