The Street Fighter V Lounge - Balrog Mains on Suicide Watch

I keep getting booted from battle lounge.

For those on the PC version

What desktop icon does SFV give you?

Hey guys I just read something that the problem with not being able to connect to players may be less to do with matchmaking and may actually be due to the restrictions on the connection with the router?

Something about DMZ Setup?

I’m beginning to wonder about this myself.

I tried playing online for the first time tonight. If I’m logged into the CFN, it takes forever to navigate the menus. Literally takes 4-5 minutes to get into training mode, and takes about as long to actually start a match once an opponent has been found. It’s borderline unplayable when you have to wait that long just to get into training mode or get just one match in. Most opponents bail out because it’s taking so long to get the match going.

If i disconnect my PS4 from the network, I can get into training mode right away. Obviously, there’s some sort of networking/ports/protocol issues going on on my end, but I’m not sure what.

That was always the case even with SF4 , you have to open the right ports on PC. DMZ just opens everything up and makes your connection open to anyone( including hackers).

If you gotta put the game into DMZ to get games, either your PC is fucked or Capcoms servers are fucked. I’d go with the latter.

Put it this way there are more than enough players ( thousands) to find games, the problem is all Capcom and a tiny pinch of set ups.

They screwed the release plain and simple, it’s getting better by the day from the sounds of it though.

For anyone interested, there’s a thread on testing PS3 controller compatibility in Tech Talk.

I was wondering if anyone can help me out someone is selling a MVC 3 TE stick to me for 70 bucks which I think is a good price. Someone here told me that this stick will work on ps4 for SF V, however I would also like to use it on my PC. I check and that issue seems extremely complicated I know my mother board has an intel express chip. Below is the stick I want to buy note it is not the 360 version that I am going to get but the ps4 one. Any help will be appreciated.

FengShui again GG’s. Not sure why my brother’s account can accept invites just fine even though we’re on the same PS4. Ima post that video up soon.

Your Rashid was fun to play. I didn’t get a chance to change the battle settings otherwise I would have used Chun (my brother mains Karin so was forced to use her). My Karin isn’t terrible though. LOL. Rashid’s s.HK has hella range on it. He’s gonna be tricky once people figure him out and has better buttons than people give him credit for. I love the KOF character vibe he has with the roll and run. His jump arcs are really strange too.

I’m guessing the account is bugged or something. Oh well.

Best Karin I’ve faught yet I’m still not used to her mix-ups completely. I love using safe on block (-2), and gives dat sexy CC combos. Right now people are too busy using spinning mixer (blocked) pressure. But it should shape up in the future…hopefully.

Future battles will be better. And you do hold true to what you say. “I like to hit the boottons.”

You have to download the drivers for the PS3 stick/controller and use a program like xpadder, motionjoy, or joy2key. After that, it should work. There are guides all over the internet you can look up.

Anybody else struggling to get into training mode whilst connected to the server? It’s dumb as fuck to wait 2 or more minutes for training mode to load.

Hey intu wanna throw down?

it looks exactly like the main title splash when you boot up the game, just shrunk way down.

That’s very interesting.

I just tested my connection, and I have NAT2.
Did some research, and while NAT1 is better, NAT2 should be fine for online gaming.
I have a wired connection, UPnP enabled and so on.

Everything on my end should be good for getting matches.

I am also having tons of problems with the game. cant enter like 95% of the lounges. If i try to make one it gets disconnected pretty soon (i guess it happens when someone is trying to enter). I cant even get my friends to join…When i finally enter to lounge, it is from japan or something and i am from Finland. Something is really fucked up.

So just now, Tool Assisted joined Valle’s rank match
Tool had a 138 win streak Rank 28 I believe? Tool was using Karin…big ass mistake
Anyway Valle beat him
Edit: Apparently even though tool lost, he kept his win streak…but the game didn’t disconnect during the stream…



That’s a nice reset. Hope they can’t just mash out lol.

he’s got another one that i like that uses cr.hp crush counter but i haven’t got it recorded. as for the mashing, you could just not press a button (=free damage if they dp), throw, or do what i’ve done in that video. to be honest he’s not even my character, so i’m sure proper ken mains know way more than me. i was just messing with him in training mode.

Fought 4 default (or possibly one of his other 3 yellow costumes) Nash’s in a row, at least 2 of them on 5 win streaks. Sigh.