The Street Fighter V Lounge - Balrog Mains on Suicide Watch

I figured that would happen. Chun just doesn’t get the damage, knockdown or mix up other characters do without execution or saving up meter. Early on characters that get more damage than her at close range for less meter and execution than her will be better for month 1 or 2 tournaments.

Lud got about 13th place with Chun and he was arguably the best Chun on the east coast in SFIV. Once he gets his button placements and execution down more his hits will add up and I see him getting top 8 somewhere soon. She is quite literally a wall of buttons once you know where to use all of them and that’ll be big in a game with no focus, few hkds and few characters that can reliably whiff punish.

With Ken I think people were just underwhelmed with the frame data on his v skill and buttons and was hoping hed have more SNK like rushdown (or even like Alpha/SFIV Guy). The game seems too honest for that though and they seemed to find a way to center him still mostly around button pressing with the v skill just giving him a bit extra momentum.

You can confirm the initial crouch mp. It links to stand lk

What was the name of the French Laura main that won yesterday’s tournament?
I need to watch those replays for …research

I know that none of them made top 8 but the result that surprised me the most from WinterBrawl was the number of Cammys that made top 16.

Mr. Crimson is his name.

So UltraDavid brought this up, and I was thinking we should have a discussion about it and ask the mods for help.

As of right now, a lot of character sections are filled up with threads by people who all they wanted was to be the first post and that’s it.
If you can’t craft a nicely constructed OP why even bother?

Just look at the Dhalsim section
This is horrible with all those threads that contain no info at all in the OP, but hey , the same user has the 20 threads in one section, Im sure that is productive.

In the Chun section we have a terrible combo thread, where the OP literally just copy/pasted posts from the thread and specifically made it because he wanted to use a thread name.
Like seriously we could use some help from the mods for this. I volunteer to help if you need, but I know the mods we currently have are amazing at doing what they do.
Here are some examples of threads on this forum where OPs actually took the time to make an organized first post instead of just wanting to have their name on the first page.

IMO, we should give OPs a time limit to construct a good first post, and if it doesn’t happen then unsticky it or close.
That is of course for major threads, such as a combo threads or a beginners threads etc


Cant wait till Capcom penalized these fuck boys who rage quit in ranked.

Anyone wanna get some games in?

Actually he isn’t wrong. Even my PHD thesis doesn’t have this many subsections.

The match-up threads were all in one but people complained so it changed.

I agree. It’s shit. Some random dude just went through and made a bunch of bullshit topic threads for every character just for the sake of being the first poster, without actually putting time, thought, or useful information into the OP. Those threads should be ignored in lieu of new ones that actually contain useful information, imo. All that shit can be compartmentalized into a much smaller amount of threads.

That’s why Im hoping mods will take action.
Im sure there were people who wanted to take a few hours during the weekend to make a nice and neat OP for a major topic on a section, and then logged in to find out somebody already made the thread with a one liner in the OP.

Ignore his shit and just make a new one then tell a mod to delete the other one.

Edit: Wait… That guy is a mod :rofl:. Who the hell is giving these people mod powers?

Man I always miss the mod applications. I don’t know when these happen, but there’s often new mods I’ve never heard of :rofl:
I’ve secretly always wanted to be an SRK mod, but don’t know where to apply :sad:

Yeah some guy in the Cammy thread tried to convince people that there needed to be a thread for every match up. Way to go with that

Karin is the true queen of this game.

Fuck Chun.

Even tho she sexy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

That’s every character thread I visit. Chen tried to consolidate but he was met with backlash so we got what we got.

Yeah I had a conversation with what i considered to be good players and they were all about it…

its kind of scary knowing lud placed that well, despite not even owning the game.

he will do very well as time goes on

Nigga, if you don’t GTFO with that shit…