The Street Fighter V Lounge: Kolin is COLD HEARTEEEEEEEEED!


Ask and you shall receive.

Old thread: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC


I never asked for this! :confused:

The Street Fighter V Lounge: Tron Bonne rumored as DLC

it begins lol



-After you block her lp elbow
-on wake up if she is in range to do her ex command grab

  • whenever she isnt mashing st lk


yo I’m on like a 24 streak in ranked lmfao


It’s not doom and gloom. If the opponent blocks the you can still one hit-confirm with -> HP as normal and the HP will still hit (less pushback with on block). If you see the hit then you just hit the target combo early.


So your main just got nerfed. Need a top tier who’s fast, easy to play, and all-around good in all aspects of the game? Not about this whole working hard business and wanna work smart instead?

Its time to choose a better class of character. Its time to choose hope instead of fear. Its time to choose…

Cammy White

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when she’s fullscreen


The thread’s name should include Mika and Birdie as well. Just in case.




Want to try out S2 online for the first time but it’s hard to not watch football when it’s on because there is so little left of it.


I didn’t really meant it in a “Ken is done” way. If he was able to confirm Low Strong already, he should be able to TC good enough just fine. Pushback on block wouldn’t be much either (as you said).

It’s just Chris T being Chris T… like usual. I forget that being in SRK meant that I have to use trash talk (I lack it without use of a Kappa).


is this a old one or did she got the breast wiggle back?
but…but no invincible dp´s…


Akuma is ridiculously fun. Has Ryu’s J.Lk, cross up Tatsu, command dive kick, air Fireball. Dude’s like Magneto coming at you.
Oh, and the vortex is a very real thing!


On one of chuns b girl costume colors (6 I think) chun has this crazy tan… but her veins are showing like crazy on her chest… I need to look at her other costumes to see if it’s the same thing.

Added a level of realism I wasn’t expecting from capcom.


I meant that more towards Chris T, I also tweeted him about it (though he probably won’t see it) :rofl:

But yeah, either way just wanted to clarify for others who see that. The one-hit confirm doesn’t really change here since if they block the even a delayed -> HP will connect, and if the hits you just go into target combo immediately after anyway.


akuma is life!


You out here bodying cats.

Rell Shyt


For real tho the christmas stage has excellent music