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He became scrubquotes material as soon as he said Laura is a braindead character while maining Mika.

That’s annoying when shit like that happens. I had a pair of ear buds that I had to stop using because the wires around the ear had frayed and would occasionally shock me while in use. I did however manage, in a similar situation, to coerce an extra ~2 years of life out of my computer speakers by removing the damaged section of wire and then re-soldering the wire to the panel. Now the port that connects the left speaker to the right speaker has up and failed on me. -_-

People who are saying this need to go a play those characters themselves for a while and check their success rate on AAs… especially vs the characters with obnoxious jump attacks. Just because you’re not seeing them lose does not mean they aren’t losing out to jump-ins a lot more often. But in addition, some characters crossup hitboxes have been nerfed as well so there would be less success attempting those.

Honestly as of right now. Mika requires a more solid play to win than Laura. I don’t exactly see a reason for any of them to be labeled as braindead though. Both got legit good mix ups and have to work to get in.

The guy however is extremely salty when it comes to Mika. He apparently can’t live with the fact that she isn’t as good as she used to be but that is the natural order of things. She already won premiers, got 2nd at EVO and won Capcom Cup. Even without the public hating on her, just based on her tournament results she was going to get nerfed hard.

I am glad she is still viable and like I said. It is Urien and Guile who are really really bad, everyone else is manageable. I am having difficulties vs Gief and Ibuki but I lack matchup experience to build an opinion on the match ups.

ask in there.

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Vega nerfz.

This is some pretty well played games from Daigo with Ryu.

Daigo said on stream he doesn’t think S2 Ryu is fun anymore :expressionless:

switch to guile was pretty much confirmed

I would say that it’s more like Laura’s mixups where never quit as dirty as Mikas but now due to the plethora of nerfs the latter received the portions of the screen that she’s able to apply her shenanigans is much more limited than the former. I also think that people are seriously underestimating the cr.LP buff that Laura received especially when you now compare her combo routes to those of other similar characters (i.e. Mika, Alex and Gief).

I love Laura’s st mk…

Laura is more fun to play now than she was before, got to use her a bit yesterday and it feels good to finally have links. She is better for sure but she still get rekt by the characters that used to beat her.

Mika from my experience still does alright, she just have much harder time at the matches that were hard to begin with. Urien and Guile were already hard and now even more so since you can’t keep the mixups going mid-screen. The cr.HP nerf hurt so much in the Guile matchup specifically IMO. Urien is hard cuz he got much better buttons, jumping in on him is hard cuz of his damaging AAs, His mixups and pressure is hard for Mika to deal with. Not to mention him needlessly having a reversal that doesn’t give a shit about side switching lands a significant blow to Mika’s V-trigger resets in the corner. I will say the same about Guile, at least i am 100% guaranteed a CC punish on a blocked EX FK but that stupid headbutt can easily be spaced to be far away for F.HP to punish.

I think Capcom did a good job on making Laura better and more fun and Mika is still alright but she needs some tools to help her overcome the insane matchups.


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Daigo already using a lot of b+HK now. The range he can string from is really good. I think it only true strings into a fireball from a certain range, but the overall range is good.

Okay so Daigo’s personal patch history breakdown was more or less to give examples of how the most popular versions of games tended to be the ones with some really busted stuff, but it was FUN and a lot of people could do it with their characters, but some of the games where there was drop-off in players is because despite being technically more balanced, they removed too much of the things people considered fun (even giving examples of people regularly playing the unpatched versions over the patched versions). Even if the losses from busted stuff left people salty, being able to win with that kind of stuff or overcome it also felt extremely satisfying.

Comparing this to the SFV S2 update, he thinks the characters that got buffed and have early impressions of being really good this season (Guile, Zangief, Boxer, Rashid, Dhalsim, Laura, Urien), even though they can destroy you, they were buffed in a good way and are really fun to play now. However, the ones that got nerfed heavily or unnecessarily, got their fun taken away unfairly and that’s not good. There was not enough to replace the nerfs (or a new move) to motivate people to stick with those characters and overcome the difficulty, so that could lead to a drop-off for those who feel they have no choice but to switch or quit and they just give up. It’s still a game and the point is still to have fun if you’re not strictly playing super competitively/for money, so it’s better to keep it fun for your characters even if they’re not the strongest.

So tl;dr buff the lower characters and don’t nerf the top. It’s okay to take away things that are TOO strong, but give them new tools so they can still be good and interesting to play.

Timestamped to the summary part of his breakdown (marked at 61 minutes):

A bit late, but cool picture imo:


so Daigo is in agreement with SRK theory fighters. can’t say we were never right about anything!

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I heard daigo say that they should cancel the new chars and bring back T.hawk

Frankly I agree!!!