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Give me thread name suggestions.

Happy general posting.

The Street Fighter V General: Already Dropped Zeku Edition

The Super Smash Brothers General Thread

The Street Fighter V General: Apology Edition Coming In January

>The Rebirth is near

This thread is already trash as fuck. Seriously call it Trash as Fuck

is it? you need glasses

The Street Fighter V General: Sonic OC’s Confirmed For Season 3 Guest Characters

@NupoChromine Thread closed before I could respond. I disagree with you on Injustice 2. You considering the entire roster. I’m talking exclusively about the DLC. People paid for 9 DLC characters in a DC fighting game and only getting 5 DC characters. That’s bullshit.

Street Fighter V general thread, they stay woke, but we stay slept on.

Lol people paid upfront without knowing exactly what they were getting. I don’t feel bad for them.

evangelion is better than game of thrones

did not watched either of these shows :coffee:

Just keep it as The Rebirth is Near
We already lost our natural progression of thread names (good ones) by creating the thread AND THEN asking to name it lol

Ass backwards lmao

I don’t feel bad either but it feels like a massive waste in the roster. I felt the same thing w all the movie characters in mkx, it just feels lazy to me.

Exactly what @Vhozite said. People paid for 9 DLC characters before even knowing the names of the characters. That’s their fault 100%. The Ultimate Edition doesn’t say “9 DC Universe characters”. It just says 9 DLC characters.

NRS made no promises on who was going to get in and it isn’t their fault that people put up money before knowing what they were getting.

Something about Ninja Turtles.


Zeku’s old news. Reference something more recent in the title.

everyone should watch eva

just make sure to watch the tv ending first

I actually forgot that sonic was sponsored by hooters

Fair point. I still think it’s reasonable to think that consumers would expect DC DLC in a DC game. If people expected guest characters and got DC characters I wouldn’t feel sorry for them. If you go to watch Justice League, it’s reasonable to assume you’d be getting a movie DC characters. I wouldn’t expect a post credit scene with Justice League sharing shawarma with the Avengers.