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Soon you fools…

you damn fuckers…

will know the true fear…

of warping blanka balls? :pensive:

Yeah, if I’m waiting 10 months for Sagat I want to know if I’m still playing handcuffed Ryu.

Fuck Blanka. Blanka out, Geese Howard in.


should i laugh or cry that you did not lead him to the actuall kof14 thread :smiley:

The best part of you guys getting hype for Mena winning Capcom Cup

Mena is a Smash player =)


No one cares about Smash. People were hype because a player outside of a Japan, from an underrepresented scene, won Capcom Cup, with an unpopular characters.

You mean he was, he also wasn’t very good at it going by the results I am seeing(a good thing, means he is less sullied by it). We all have our dark origins which is fine. At least he isn’t stealing from people or masturbating on other peoples property which are common traits inherent in most smash players.

Also Mena is a millionaire now

This was my first thought when he could barely handle looking at the check. 250k US dollars is SO much money in the DR.

If Sagat turns out to actually have a real projectile game I might give this game another go once he drops.
Fat chance right?

Also how badly do you guys think Birdie will get nerfed now? :V


They did him dirty in the story man!

He went from satsui no hado badass to bitch pretty quick. He looked liked a demi-god in the trailer.

However landing this always feels good.

all Ibuki nerfs will be removed and Birdie will receive them =)
also for the next year all Birdie players will receive nerf mails/hate mails

Hope bro is safe out there… all that $ would make him a target…

Ok, I need to prepare.

Who’s Birdie’s worst matchup?


I traveled for 7 hours by bus 2 weeks ago, just to find out that tournament was already held and organizer did not update facebook/twitter.