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Damn so i was just watching master rank Ryu justfog stream and he just showed off some pretty cool manipulation of sfv inputs

He played a match where he did super on P1 side in reaction to a fireball from maybe 2 character lengths away. Stream asked how he was able to get his P1 super input so clean.

He turned on the input overlay where it shows the stick and 6 buttons.

What he was doing was half circle back x2 then forward + P. As long as the game reads 2 downs and 2 forwards it apparently doesnt care about the order. It only cares that the theres one final forward motion before your punch.

Obviously your fingers are stronger going towards your wrist in a closing gripping motion than in a pushing motion so youre faster and more precise going that way.

I struggle doing low forward fireball into super motions from P1. I can do it fairly consistent but its the input i drop the most by far in sfv.

So i turn on training mode and find out i can do crmk fireball then a quarter circle from forward to down then forward and punch and it’ll never drop.

Uhhh did you even watch it? They barely threw out any heavy normals. Can’t have a CC if you don’t throw out any CC normals.

Weren’t those shortcuts always a thing since SF4?

I dont remember that one specifically giving a super. I think it gave a dp. But honestly i dunno why hcbx2 then f+p would even be something to try

Why doesn’t team battle at least have battle lounge functionality

Yeah get back in there!!!

Do we even know what It is? Infiltration tweeted about it but no details (I think he Said something else got buffed but I’m not sure).

he mentioned fireball buff and the TC buff hitting crouchers, that was it.

TC buff IMO is not that great, TC is niche in usage atm anyway, it’s only useful on counterhit confirms for S3 until the TC becomes delay confirmable.

When exactly can Juri get a target combo without putting herself in harms way? Pretty much never. It can be used a punish tool and CC combo tool atm, neither of which require you to confirm if they’re standing or not.

The exact QCFx2 input in SFIV is “D, any F, any D, F”, so it’d work there as well. So if you have those four directions on the timeline, within the time limit for executing the move and with no higher-priority moves in the same timeline, you’ll get the super. It might even be something insane like D, UF, DB, F+P.

Those Japanese Capcom shows look so cringy. Forced comedy tranverses language apparently because it hurts my eyes to watch those shows.

Definitely for the better I didnt learn Japanese yet. Understanding the cringy dialouge would only make it worse I imagine.

If they undo the stealth nerf to her range it might have a use. In Season 1 you used to be able to do, on crouchers (would require a microstep vs counter-hit), but they took that away in S2. If they give that range back she’d be able to do, target combo in S3.

I doubt they’ll give that back to her though.

Would probably be better to buff the juggle properties honestly :x

That would give her a full combo meterless that also gives her a store, that sounds too good to happen. Also, I remember that combo being inconsistent in S1 anyway, not worth.

Only way I can see the TC buff being impacting in a big way is if it has a consistent confirm path. If Juri had BnB combos to gain stores that weren’t just xx store she could be pressuring and gaining stores at the same time from combos.

That’d change how people are forced to approach her right now(backdashing fullscreen for resources)

TC xx LK.release > dash > HP/MP Pinwheel should work also.

U want die


Magneto in Konami’s X-Men comes to mind right about now.

Fixing up the Zeku sub, fixing up the Zeku sub.

Gonna take a long time though, to fix up the Zeku sub.

Why bother until season 3 starts, half your shit will probably become redundant