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Ed Boon only promises death to his enemies.

SFV is canada’s game now. There, easy title.

If DC made a new ninja tuetles fighter then I’d throw money at it

1st page boiz

New thread smell. Another journey begins.

The thread title seems both witty and handsome, I’d say keep it.

Honest question: Do people actually want Necro in SFV? He wasn’t good in 3rd Strike and unless Capcom gives Necro a complete overhaul, I think he’ll suffer the same fate that’s happening to Alex.

Edit: Kinda wish Alex’s st. HP was an overhead like it was in 3S. Also I wish his cr. LK > cr. MK TC was back and super cancel-able at the very least.

@Froztey You’re such a bitch when you defend Balrogs dash straight

I have to be the most inconsistent player in this lounge

Those who defend balrog will be put the sword soon enough…

necro fucking sucks and only fucking nerds like him.

Necro’s one of the few lame characters in sf3

Never been a fan of Necro’s design, so I don’t care to see him in SFV.

We need a good fighting game, can’t wait for Super.

How is it lazy building characters who have never been in a mainstream fighter from the ground up?

I don’t care about TMNT because I didn’t grow up with it.

Same for Q. People who wants him, Necro and Oro gonna be the biggest group of complainers known in the SF history. Some characters are strong by design (Akuma? Yun?), others aren’t and Capcom doesn’t seems to be interested in make the latter top 5 or such. I recall just Kuroda being a beast with Q, then PinoAB7 and Sugiyama with Necro,but Kuroda was in a league on his own. We all know how it’s gonna end, characters like Q and Necro are dead from start.

The flaw in your argument is that you’re assuming “because this character sucked in the previous game, he’ll be weak here, too, and nobody will play him.”


Mika was terrible in Alpha 3 and won Capcom Cup in SFV.

It can work backwards, too, as I’m sure Makoto mains realized when she was ported into SSF4.

Well fuck y’all too then

wow sorry you were abused as a child :frowning: