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This game should have been listed as early access

@“Evil Canadian”, you’re the best.

I was gone for a while, but yeah I meant lemonade basically lol

Pink Lemonade homie!

BE ON YOUR GUARD! I love Kolin’s English voice over so much.

You all need Balrog in your life.

I have never fought Balrog ever online due to playing so little, but he looks so annoying to fight against, I hated him in SF4. THERE’S NO ESCAPE!!! That little laugh he does when he headbutts you too, so annoying.

is that kbrad? :pensive:

It’s ok Evilcanadian, I’ll give you Laura since you need the bonita bless in your life

You gotta relax man, and sniff
if that doesn’t work, Chase The Dragon and Balrog will be Ryu tier in under 5 seconds

As far as I’m concerned ultrasf4 was the last sf they made

STREET FIGHTER IV: CHAMPION EDITION :skull: approved by mike ross…and he must know it…right…

Sf5 doesn’t even count as a real fighting game, it’s literally just ultra with all the good stuff stripped out.

god damn nigga you wont stop lmao