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I’ll shut up when sf3 gets a steam port.
Do what you want to this new shit, port the old shit to steam since you niggas had enough time remaking sf2 AGAIN after hd remix.



What did that other guy, who posts exactly like him with the same grammar and coherence but is definitely not him, get banned for anyway?


Someone post some cool SRK mega threads I can read please

I don’t understand what trouble are you having reading this one

An alias asked a mod for the removal of a previous profile, but they just softmodded it instead and whatnot.
**This one’s permanent though. **Was basically just absent is all. But yeah I actually do not fuck with sf outside of 3 and ultra :peace:

Alright I cleaned that up. Dude is gonna spend some time behind bars with a warning. Hopefully that limits his posts. His posts are essentially spams and he doesn’t seem to like SFV either which we can’t help him with.

So with the cray cray hopefully a bit out of the way, carry on

Yay! Now we got two hugboxes on SRK! :smiley:

I guess @Midnight_Iguana is too retarded to realize GGPO and Fightcade are things that exists.

Damn, you spent so much time in Po’s mind you are starting to talk like him

I think Po pimpus rubbed off on me a bit

Damn why yall lock up Coldsteel?

Also 3S is on Fight cade if you want to play SF3 on PC it’s already available.

Tbh I only came here to get to the bottom of things regarding this site.
I have a bone to pick with these people & are against what they stand for in general.
I felt like this place was a key disruption, so I decided to come check out SRK once more to scope each of you.
There were quite a few of these sections that had entertaining little tidbits in them, they seem to have been actually, banned however.

SF3 on PC isn’t available… We want 3rd Strike online edition on steam with actual training mode like the consoles, not some shitty emulator.

Po Pimpus is the type of dude to make a " Fuck SFV discord " he’s pioneered the movement, even has a follower who’s willing to be jailed to push Pimpus’s ideals to the public.

So you came here to study me huh? What if I told you I could go beyond the level of super saiyan. I’ll defeat you with this super saiyan blue.