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I’d say that I don’t believe you.

So what would make sf3 on steam a necessary port?
Training mode, and well…modes period.
It would probably take em less time than uh…remaking sf2 4 more times.

Fightcade is one solution, but if fightcade has 5 editions of sf2 on it there wasn’t a need to port it to the switch.

Lmao you need 7 dragon balls to get this guy

It’s true.

Thanks guys for once again being all active as soon as I went to sleep so I cannot chime in z.z

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  2. Drinking sodas and juices that are not freshly squeezed is pretty bad for your body, they’re basically all sugar.
  3. What’s the behind the bars thing?
  4. For how annoying the guy is he’s got a valid point, SFIII should be available on steam, for the love of god some time ago I went through all the available fighting games on steam and they got pretty much every BB and GG ever made plus a bunch of KoF and then a lot of old crap including a terrible MK clone that I remem***ber playing when I*** was like 8 on the Sega Mega Drive (is it Genesys*** for*** the US?)
    I understand we have Fightcade, and SFIII was releaed on PC and it didn’t have a player base I’d still play that, but the fact is Fightcade doesn’t have the home edition advantages of a training mode, and I really need that to learn how to play a game I am really interested in but I’ve never had the opportunity to play/learn. Also I’d like the english version. I tried to emulate the dreamcast version for training mode but it doesn’t work well tbh.
    Currently I’m considering buying an used Xbox 360 to play it, my stick is 360 compatible so I’d be set without spending much tbh, problem is my wife is not too fond of this idea. If the game was on steam I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I think puzzle fighter’s out soon. But yeah basically just one of many dudes who’s like ok sf2 has 7 remakes now move on to sf3.
On the real. I’m not gonna be wastin my time knockin down sf5 and mvci cuz those were actually good and all, but there is nothing stopping them from porting sf3 once and being done with it.
Those who are for the newer capcom titles will be grinding those titles like no tomorrow, and those who still play the older titles still got stuff backed up.

Capcom gets all this hard shit to happen, like somehow forming a partnership with Sony to get the budget for SFV, making a low budget MvCI game with alot of reused assets, but still a new MvCI game nonetheless. But somehow, some way, when we actually WANT them to reuse assets and bank on old games, THEY JUST CAN’T DO IT. I’m literally offering free money for you to port MvC2, 3S, and Dark Stalkers Resurrection to Steam, but it’s impossible all of a sudden.

They redesigned Shirase…

I might main her in the beta…

I’m sad right now. :frowning:

Just got to the George Costanza baseball bat meme in Seinfeld.

S8E9: 11m46s in

It doesn’t even need to be on steam to be honest, let’s say microsoft has a problem with the PC version being on steam and they have some kind of legal pull on that, put it on the windows store, ok it sucks donkey dicks as a store, but I’ll go through that hardship to play the game.

If there is a legit reason they can’t, fuck what I suggested that’s out of their jurisdiction.
Buuuut sf3 is capcom’s assets.

Watch Requiem for a Dream to cheer you up :smiley:

I can’t. It’s too heartbreaking. But I’m also filled with anger.

Took you long enough

Joke’s on you. God gave me legit SF advice to make me understand some things happening in my life.

Y’all motherfuckers need Jesus. (Seriously.)

But back on the SF topic. As much as I’d like to experience 3S, especially now that I know that Makoto is fucking awesome, if 3SOE wasn’t released to Steam yet, it never will.

Glances at signature

…I don’t know how I’m supposed to play all these games now…

Almost forgot…

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