The Street Fighter V Lounge - Smashas in the Club Doing Aegis Reflector

Learn to play fighting games apparently

like seriously. I trust angel’s judgment, probably need to actually learn how to learn fighting games.

Boy genuinely taking offense at getting disregarded

@A10metal Don’t worry, you’ll pick up on it the more you play with us. There’s lots of other people you can also play and get advice from and level up on your own. Plus if you plan on maining Urien you got plenty of time to learn with all of us DLC Struggle players.

Party mode isn’t really a solution because that’s not how most people actually want to play the game.

Anyone want to play my shitty urien?

there’s multiple sources already out there that will help you in various areas.

vaguely understanding frame data just isn’t good enough if you aim to improve.
like i don’t mean to sound rude, but asking me to do your homework for you isn’t gonna help you learn or improve. not to mention i lack access to urien, who may be unfinished for all we know.

Yeah, I know. I was just saying that apparently the online is not supposed to work the way it works right now. Then again, I don’t even own a ps4, I’m just reporting what I heard around

Watching old Capcom Pro Talks on youtube.
Mike Ross: "What kind of scrub wakes up with jab jab"
Good times.

Lol this is funny because when he won the ESL tourney the dude ragequit.

Whether or not games do well based on graphical prowess is purely coincidence.
Kof’s gameplay and overall popularity is clearly not where street fighter or mortalkombat and is practically even more niche.

Like under night in birth and guilty gear. anything not related to mvc. Anything nihongo etc.
The gameplay of 14 might turn out good but the graphics are unfortunately… what the entire game is.
The exact opposite situation can be sf4-sf5 transition.


Play while trying to have fun in some way. If you’re doing stuff and not having fun in the first place, then reconsider why you are playing fighting games now. If it’s just “intense” situations that you are feeling in-game, that’s normal.

Side note (that is if you’re early in fighting games, as I don’t know your background but I’m going to assume this is the case… sorry if I’m incorrect), I doubt all the “tech” stuff such as frame data will help you out early on if that’s the case (you will be too focused on the tech level of the game without having the heart of the game/psychological processes intact). Get a feel of the game first, and then look into all about frame data/tech stuff. There probably are general rule stuff like "being +2 and doing a 5-frame medium normal is decent for people who love to press 3 frame Light attacks), but you would probably have to be put in this situation of getting the negative side of risks a lot to understand the option being a thing in the first place, and from there you figure out more options on how to deal with whatever options you’re in at any moment in the game (and there are tons… and a lot of choices aren’t wrong… so a wrong decision may not always be a bad thing to do, just a wrong guess so long as you understood the purpose of the option and calculated risk/reward in advance).

You’ll learn more as you play, and once you hit moments about “what happens when option such and such happens, and what are my choices to deal with that”… then that level of expansion of your game grows from there on out. Another thing, while training mode is good, don’t get too stuck up with it imo. It’s very important to actually see what works in a live match and how well you can retaliate it, as not all stuff you can perfect in training mode (even with the block random options and whatever it has available) will not always be consistent in a live match.

Others will say different stuff, but I will emphasize that playing games is the only good way to build up fundamentals. If you feel a road block is present and you feel hopeless on some aspects of whatever match you are going through… take a break (even if it means a 1-week break or so). Having some moments of inactivity will likely promote your theory fighter mindset, and then you may actually pick out some things such as habits, questions that needs answers… along with not having a crammed memory of thoughts that you previously had, which would overtime flow with your game naturally with the much needed break.

still want to play?

Yeah I’ll play you can see my shitty Alex ill invite now

send inv again pls, had the game off

yo this bug zapper shit is some mad hardcore shit. When niggas don’t die instantly and get stuck wooooo boy does shit get real.

oh sweet jesus
he got dat wario alex!
begins to take notes

Ok guys, mistakes were made. Apparently having a bug zapper in my room was a bad idea. 1 night inside my room on all night has put me in a bad spot son. What was a minor, but annoying problem with what I think are moths has now become a very serious problem because now there’s a fuckton in my room. Fam imma need you on this how do I get these fuckers out?

can you make the sets more than ft2? these loading screens/character select screens are killing meeee lol

This escalated quickly in a course of a day