The Street Fighter V Lounge - Smashas in the Club Doing Aegis Reflector

Would have been happy to help you learn the matchup man. Who do you use?

Karin. I’d like to have a Juri by Canada Cup, though.

I had no idea Vega had enough time to punish Karin’s V-Skill on reaction with sweep.

I actually love Juri’s theme. It has a nice, dark simplistic rhythm.

Genuinely surprised to see so much hate for it.

And while I can appreciate Juri fans missing her older, more unique self, i’m liking this version better too. I couldn’t get into SF4 Juri because I found her holding system to be tedious and uncomfortable. This version is more streamlined and in accordance with what I like to do in SF.

Sorry to see day 1 fan disappointed though :frowning:

Does anyone have a link to her frame data?

He can do the same vs Ibuki. Let me know if you wanna play sometime.

Wanted to play Juri, but she is way too motion dependant for my broken, taped up dualshock 3. This should make me think about getting a stick, but a good one costs my whole salary here in Brazil.
Fellow brazilians, is there a way to get a good ps4 stick for at least direct transition from dollar-real?

have you checked the trading section of this website?


I haven’t been following much of SFV but I recently checked out the EVO results. Did NoahTheProdigy legit make top 128? Which character did he use? Any recorded matches?

I really love watching capcom neuter established characters. Seriously what the fuck are they doing over there? It’s like they just forgot how to design fighting game characters.

eSports has brought you back.

I’m sure it was him. He’s got those young kid reactions and XSK Samurai was probably the only real hardened tournament player he had to fight.

Haha not quite. I saw a post on r/kappa about it. Noah is 12 years old.

It says there he beat Umezono. Umezono isn’t really a slouch when it comes to FGs. His team won SBO in 2007.

I think I’m going to be the only Juri left after this week…

Made the mistake of taking a peek into the juri thread lol. People bitching about everything.

She has an overhead, fast walk speed, good throw range, 3 framers, special cancelable low, slow moving fireball, good jump arc, and a v-skill that side switches. People are really complaining that she has no way to open someone up? Is there a confused emoji for this shit?

It’s been one day and people already calling low tier lol. Personally I think she’ll end up pretty strong.

Edit: forgot to mention she can VTC her fireball, that’s ridiculous.

Yeah Kokujin was there using Ryu (he beat one of my friends), but he wasn’t super practiced and did a lot of gutsy forward jumps. My friend didn’t understand it and was like “WTF why would a Japanese jump?” and I’m like “he’s a 3rd Strike player, 3rd Strike players jump”. LOL.

How is she worse than Laura? (Didn’t jump in online yet)

Let them preach and holler. Don’t matter to me…

Vanilla SFIV Cammy syndrome will never end. “If I don’t have a safe overhead how can i open people up?”

Ibuki was the best DLC character on a throne by herself, but now Juri should be tied with her. We’ll see about Urien.

Easy, pick a new character.

Juri’s overhead is relatively fast and the animation doesn’t really make you aware it’s coming. At least she gets nothing off of it.

Hehehe…or so you’re led to believe…