The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April


New lounge and the puns gets worse.

Next time I ask you guys to stop, you stop or I’ll pun harder.

The Street Fighter V Lounge: Kolin is COLD HEARTEEEEEEEEED!

Aye we in here


That new thread smell. It never gets old.


We got Vanilla Ice references up in here!

Great nickname for Kolin though, vanilla ice, lol!


Can’t believe there isn’t a chance for rose or sakura until 2018 at the earliest.


Icy what you did here.


Downloading Tree of Savior. How fucked am I?


Thread title of the year.


Starting today:


Street Fighter V
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
King of Fighters XIV
Mortal Kombat XL
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Killer Instinct
Under Night In-Birth: EXE
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ($5 dollar entry)

There will also be several free entry tournaments with pot bonuses provided by Big E Gaming. Free entry events include:

Pokkén Tournament – $1000 pot bonus
Pokémon Sun & Moon – $500 pot bonus
Street Fighter II: Turbo – $500 pot bonus, 32-player cap
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, 32-player cap
Injustice – $500 Pot Bonus, 64-player cap
Soul Calibur V – 64-player cap

List of notable players who signed up for SFV:

LI Joe
BIFU | Spab Rog
TA Moons
RB | Snake Eyez
Wave AutoMattock
NS Ludovic
GTG Mikeand1ke
Flash Metroid

Event Schedule:


As usual, only team tournaments today.
Pools for singles starting tomorrow.




[quote=“NupoChromine, post:10, topic:182101”]


They should have used this as the background music:


Claiming first page Real Estate!

I may pick up Kolin as a secondary.


Raise your hand if you’re ready to downplay Kolin


Cool we got thread resets. Wait…

Now that I’ve posted on the first page of the new lounge, I shall now be known as OG Volt.

No relation to OG “I break tables just by looking at them” Shine.


I see @Pertho has been hanging out with this guy


@OceanMachine I am always right, thanks for noticing.


Seems like a coooool guy to hang out with.


Now that I think about it, without SFII and Vanilla Ice -

.000001% of SRK wouldn’t exist.

(Or so we’ve been lead to believe.)


I’m going to have to give you the cold shoulder for this low tier Ice pun.
Next time think something cooler. Until then, stay frosty.