The Street Fighter V Lounge: We all gotta chill 'til the end of April


Nah I could never like watching SFIV Rog after seeing 3S Dudley and ST Rog. Youre just watching placement of buttons compared to those 2.

I just remember the paint dry Rog vs Honda matches. Match is so damn quiet you can hear the announcer going off in the background


Holy hell dude I forgot. Well then…I’ll type some stuff out for you later then. But I do use Karin/Juri so I dunno…who are you having issues with when fighting him?


When’s the next CPT event? Kolin was revealed Feb 9, but they might reveal the new character at an event.


Jesus, Rog looks like shit in SFV4


You mad that you’ve played more than 12,000 matches more than me and only have about 800 points more than me?


This is probably already old news in internet time but I gotta share this. We (and all of Portugal) are very proud of our very own SRKer @digos25 over at the Bison forum. He made it to 13th place at Sonic Boom in Madrid!

Here he is taking on Ricki Ortiz

And a surprising money match against one of our worst match ups


SFV is my first SF I’m taking seriously so this doesn’t really mean anything to me.

I think what’s telling is that you aren’t higher ranked than me. Can’t use the shitty netcode OS cuz there’s plenty of family men who are Master rank.

Get gud nigga


Thanks @Daemos


Until Capcom fixes their incompetent only experience I will not be turning SF5 on. Last login was Feb 26th according to VLeague and that isn’t going to change unless SF5 makes a big change.

A more telling fact though is that I’m NOT taking SF5 serious and you are…


Don’t thank me honestly, you deserve recognition in our community here. You earned it @digos25 .


whenever I watch a video that’s supposed to show off how bad SF4 was, it just ends up making me miss SF4 :frowning:


I feel like you’re trying to get me to scream reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m not that good.

Lol nigga I already know I suck and yes I take this game seriously. I’m a slow stubborn leaner. Kuddos to you for sticking to your guns and not turning the game on.

There’s people who play the game less than both of us who don’t take it seriously and are diamond. Like it’s whatever lol

I’ma keep grinding and losing and winning becasue I like the game despite it’s flaws.

You can always play GG. I’ve heard paper bag face guy is fun


When you try to hitconfirm a counter hit into another with Juri, whiff and get clipped by Balrog stomps into VT.

Fuck. This. Game


But if he does that then who does he have to play with?


I think Quark plays the game… I don’t know maybe Ves will teach him some stuff.


Rog bypassing footsies, what year does Daigo think that game came out? Unethical.

wanting to rank u doesn’t make you rank up, but wanting to improve does and you actually get better.



I’m well aware of the rank doesn’t mean anything meme. Brian F has a pretty funny bot that repeats that every hour on stream.

If I didn’t focus on getting better fundies and only focused on points I’d probably be just touching Ultra Bronze.

I’ve fought better people than me and looked at my replays. Studied and looked up FD and tried my best to understand the lingo. I’m humble and I know I’m still a scrub in the grad scheme.

Like I said If ranking up even in a game like SFV took precedent over me getting better I wouldn’t have moved up at all.


I’m laughing so hard. Was it discussed already?


Norcal Regionals is next weekend. Hopefully we have some news then. =)


I was joking.

Eh, that’s fine. If anything it just means there’s less of a reason for me to watch it.