The Strength of the Reset


“why didn’t he block the overhead”

because I spent the past 2 rounds conditioning him with resets into lows and throws. Resets are some of the most powerful things in this game, there is a reason tekken characters have strings that don’t combo and almost everyone has specials that leave the opponent standing.

Let us discuss resets


Il very often go for a reset with hwo (he has very powerful overhead and counterhit setup resets) if I know if will kill the character

Not letting your opponent get a chance to tag at all is a vry efficient way of playing so if you think a reset will kill them and prevent that, go for it


Haha, this exact reset if one of my favorites with Julia. Once they see that she still has great lows, they just tend to run into this one after the forward mk chain :slight_smile:


Ahh freaking hate myself for getting hit by that move over and over again.


Found some disgusting resets with law/kaz and you know that since kaz is in its about to get wild

[details=Spoiler]Solo resets with law
After landing J rh or cross up, cl HK, cr FP, cancel the cr fp into dragon stance to cloud gates
Finish the reset on hit with cr fp flash kick cr fp 2x flashkick
or Cr fp xx Shaolin kicks, tag cancel
[254 damage pre reset – 583 solo/750 tagging kaz in on connection]

Kaz law resets:
1 bar Spinning Demon Reset
If you connect a spinning demon on a grounded opponent you can do the 2nd low followup, tag your partner in, and hit them with a normal it will air reset them. This gives your opponent no chance to mash anything but a reversal to get out and gives them a small window to react

Example: J RH, cr mp, cr fp xx spinning demon xx spinning demon low, Tag cancel to law,
cr mp xx Dragon stance cloud gates or
cr mp, cr mk xx FFR/Shaolin kicks

Due to the time they are in the air it leaves them no room to mash normal to get out.
[if you tag back into kaz you can get 879 damage for 2 bars]

1 Bar tag reset
Any time You get a jump in/cross up to a hit confirm to a grounded switch you can do a cloud gates reset with law [mp slaughter hook high kick with kaz]
Example: J RH, Cr MP, CR FP xx MP Slaughter hook high kick, tag cancel, Cr HP xx Dragon stance xx cloud gates
[347 damage pre overhead reset, if you tag kaz back in using cr fp shaolin kicks you can get 873 damage for 2 bars]

What is crazy is that multiple times a game i get situations where i could set these up… I need to practice these more. One successful reset on akuma = touch of death lol