The Strong Island Post

It’s a great for learning. Also pretty sure most if not all people will be down to help with anything you need to know. A good thing is you guys have a good variety of char so it will help you learn you match ups as well

mark’s comics is like down the block from me, is he actually gunna start stuff? when?

also, whats the valley stream/five towns scene like anyway? anyone play casuals? i just graduated college so i need to look for a new casuals group and such

Well like I said, if you inquire about it, it would get done sooner. I’ll talk to him when I get a chance and see whats going on with it.

this open to all NYC fighters. SOS Gamers is trying to help the community tomorrow with this event. Live DJ, alcohol, and food(not free but decent prices).…-charity-tournament-dream-match-ny-ny.142173/
hope to see you guys there.

Tomorrow (technically today the time im posting this) August 21 2011 EMP Hosts bi weekly’s at this PNT location in franklin square. Normally people like sanford and a few other emp members normally make it out to these. If you cant make this one, try to make the others. Its definitely to play against some heavy hitters of NY and EC in general. Come to play and see how you stack up to killers like sanford at the very least.

I should have my car down at school this year so see you guys on tues or thurs next week. I’m alrdy in the facebook group so ill check that for more info.

But if anyone else from SBU is looking at this and wants to goto sessions pm me.

Will see if someone remembers me from the old sessions. See some familiar faces in the videos and on streams every once in awhile.

any updates on this?


im on hiatus, coming back when umvc3 drops and 2012 update.

where will future sessions be held for next year?

you have been updated.

Word up thread.

fnc still tues and thurs?


yes it is. Everyone is on FB group page so they never post here anymore

Good shit to Moons and the Strong Island crew this weekend. Ayo Diego where you at?

I just happen to randomly check this thread since it’s kind of dead because of the facebook group. Thanks man


If your new to the FGC and live on Long Island (Suffolk Area), be sure to make it down to one of these.

Strong Island Facebook Group -

The Arena Presents ULTIMATE FIGHT CLUB Tournament 3

[LEFT]$10 Venue/$10 Game UMVC3 TODAY 12/15/11, 7:30pm signups[/LEFT]

[LEFT]@ The Arena 795 Udall rd, West Islip, NY 11795 (631) 539-6395[/LEFT]
This will be the 3rd tourney for Fight Club Points So getcha game on!!!

We will also be running SFAE for $10 venue/ $5 Game[/LEFT]

Applied to the Facebook groups~ hope there’re some weekend events, because I have work at 5am weekdays. But screw it, plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead right?

so SFxT at DustBowl is getting added prize support… a Qanba 4Raf arcade Fight stick to first place!

Just recently started posting here and I thought I would mention that I live in Central Islip. I and some others would love to have a place to play, so this thread will be helpful.