The Strong Island Post


fnc still tues and thurs?




yes it is. Everyone is on FB group page so they never post here anymore


Good shit to Moons and the Strong Island crew this weekend. Ayo Diego where you at?


I just happen to randomly check this thread since it’s kind of dead because of the facebook group. Thanks man



If your new to the FGC and live on Long Island (Suffolk Area), be sure to make it down to one of these.

Strong Island Facebook Group -

The Arena Presents ULTIMATE FIGHT CLUB Tournament 3

[LEFT]$10 Venue/$10 Game UMVC3 TODAY 12/15/11, 7:30pm signups[/LEFT]

[LEFT]@ The Arena 795 Udall rd, West Islip, NY 11795 (631) 539-6395[/LEFT]
This will be the 3rd tourney for Fight Club Points So getcha game on!!!

We will also be running SFAE for $10 venue/ $5 Game[/LEFT]


Applied to the Facebook groups~ hope there’re some weekend events, because I have work at 5am weekdays. But screw it, plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead right?


so SFxT at DustBowl is getting added prize support… a Qanba 4Raf arcade Fight stick to first place!


Just recently started posting here and I thought I would mention that I live in Central Islip. I and some others would love to have a place to play, so this thread will be helpful.


Just look a couple of posts up. FNC every Tues/Thurs. 9pm to 12. And if you have a Facebook we have a group that is in that post as well.


Yea I just requested the FB group and I knew about FNC but I work during the week 3:30 to 12 AM. Still good to know that LI has some sort of community.


Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to the scene on LI and trying to find places to play, I know FNC is having an event tonight that I am going to check out, is there anything else in the way of tournaments/practices here without having to go to the city???


Just check and join our facebook group. everything is there.


Hey Long Island! Good luck this weekend! I hope to see all of you doing your best on stream!


holy crap this thread is too long for me to read, so ill just say that i am a high school student in manhasset who has gotten into fighting games recently, and i would love to get involved with any type of play when i’m available. While i suck right now, i’d love to get better and have some friendly competition. I have few friends who are also in the same situation as I, though we all favor different games. I personally do not like SF4 but i own and am willing to play most other games, and i guess i could try to go back to SF. My xbox gamertag is metalman31 but i plan on changing to fleishwalker in the near future, And good luck for all the islanders playing at evo!


I do not think much LI heads look at this since they keep in touch on fb. The place I know they meet up is a bit of a drive in west islip. There is a spot in Nassau to but not to sure where


Just look up a couple of posts. we have a facebook group we use. As well as sessions every tues thurs in West Islip and Valley Stream.


Where the LI scene was reborn


Anything in Eastern Suffolk? Is there a shred of hope of ANYTHING? No? I thought so.


I’m planning on running a small monthly in Bayside (eastern Queens). Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be such a drought in eastern Queens & western Nassau for local tournaments &/or sessions. The venue I’m considering most right now is a new arts center (39-27 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361) that just happens to have access to a ton of transportation options. The LIRR Bayside station is there, and there are several different Queens and Nassau buses that pass through as well. You can also get there easily by taking the LIE.

The first potential date would be mid-April and would probably be a weekday night. We’d have SFV for sure and another game, or two, depending on interest.

Would anybody be interested in coming if I give it the green light?