"The strongest and best fighters from around the globe" - The who's online thread

I figured since alot of people play while checking these boards, I’d start a thread where you can let people know if you’re online. Kind of like a Street Fighter twitter dealy on the forum.

I know personally Ill have the laptop next to me while fighting and especially while trying to learn and apply new things, so Im sure alot of you guys do too. Theres usually a decent amount of people checking these boards out at any given point in time, so if you’re on and need some people to brawl or practice with, post up. Or if something crazy happens *(double kos, amazing comebacks, etc…), *or if you just wanna brag or bitch about something that just went down, *(fighting 15 kens in a row, people spamming, etc…) *you can post it up in here right away.

If you’re looking for a fight you can specify whether you wanna start a ranked, endless, team, or tourney fight; or if youre just looking to find something you can join. If you pull off something really amazing,lucky,funny, or even really terrible, you can invite people to check out your replay channel.

Hopefully this will be enjoyable for those posting as well as just browsing the topic. If you arent online and just wanna comment on something its not discouraged, but obviously if we keep it to mostly those currently online, this is gonna work out better so feel free to chime in, but try to keep the point of the thread in mind. If youre about to go offline, or are done your session, try to wrap up your thoughts on whatever youre posting about in just one or two posts. If you want to drop in real quick and post what time you’re going to be on in order to set up tourneys/endless/etc… that’s cool as well but again, please try and keep the point of this in mind. If you’re posting in this thread, it’s going to be assumed you are online so use judgement on whether and when to specify that you arent.

If this goes well, maybe it can be made a sticky. I think this could be a fun and useful thread to keep around for a bit. Thanks guys and have fun with it.

It’s kind of a round-a-bout matchmaking thread. I really…REALLY don’t allow these on the main iv board seeing as we have similar threads…like…everywhere else.

Maybe this will work better in the online section? I dunno. Let’s try. moving

Theres no one browising this section of the board really. The reason I figured this would work is because it was in the SSF4 part of the board, which is always being browsed by ALOT of people, and thats the only game i was wanting this to work with. I know there are threads like this in individual character sections, but there was no general looking for a fight online threads in the SSF4 section. If youre gonna kep iot here might as well delete it. I cant imagine it not doing well in the othe rsection tho. Thanks anyways.