The Strongest Character for Kuroda if He Plays to WIN (SBO)? (Except Chun Li)


If Kuroda wants to use his full power and try to ‘guarantee’ he wins SBO, which character most suits his style?
We all know his safe, smart, technical, perfect-execution style. Would it still be Q that would be his most unbeatable?

I personallly think Urien.Kuroda would just whore EX meter all day one combo/unblockable would give him the round.

If Remy had more stamina, he would be the ultimate Kuroda character. Even more unbreakable than his Q.


How come akuma isn’t in the poll? Out of those I picked Ken. From watching his DVD his ken is so beastly.




it’s really hard to do that on chun with ken


Defensive Yun. His dudley would also do well


He’ll use Sean if he has any balls.

Seriously though,didn’t someone on here say he was planning to use Ibuki?

In my opinion his strongest character is gouki.


I’d love to see his Oro. I think if he played as Makoto, lots of harakiri would ensue.


His Oro is not good compared to other Oros. At least judging from his DVD, since he isn’t consistent with him.


He already tried ibuki for 2008 SBO, didn’t get passed quals though.


He won’t beat Momochi either way.


Sad to say, but his Makoto is pretty bad.

His Hugo is pretty beastly though.

Ryu player sucks, but still… Red Parry into 720 is gdlk.


his makoto seemsl ike it would be kind of bad… he’d play too safe instead of huge guessing game as makoto players usually do.

i wonder if he plays yang?


If he did play Yang, I’d imagine he’d be too good. A patient, zoning Yang = dead opponent.


I thought that it was mentioned somewhere that he thinks that Akuma is the best character in the game?


lol shot outs to whoever jacked and uploaded my clip from youtube… -.-


sa2 makoto
because his 100% combos would be flawless.:nono: