The struggle is evolving, here I come offline



Enough of my online DeeJay days, time to start hitting up my locals and see how it differs from online. I’m expecting more AAs and better MU knowledge from the players there, I know DeeJay can have a fairly easy time if you just play a ton of people who don’t understand how to fight DeeJay.

Anybody have helpful information on how to make a big entrance to the offline scene? It’d be nice if I can get my name around a little so people aren’t shy to just have a couple matches with me, people are a lot less willing to introduce themselves here in the UK when compared to the US. No idea why, love meeting new people myself.

Seriously hope there’s a machine there and not just screens hooked up with the console version, but I doubt I’ll be having that authentic arcade experience.


The best piece of advice i can give you is play everyone you can in casuals. The sheer amount of knowledge you will take away is priceless. A good approach would be to ask for a best of five for match-up knowledge or to get adjusted from online.

Also at locals you have to take the first step to get yourself known. But this is easy since you are there with people with a common interest.


Too bad my “local” local meaning the neighbouring city to me, only has events possibly every month. I went over and checked it out to hear they’d stopped doing it weekly, and MAYBE do things only once per month. Kinda sucks considering it’s the second largest city in my country. Gonna have to dig for more places that do events, it went well though for my first time; didn’t get bopped by anybody.