The Summit Conclusion: FGC General Managers/Organizer Meeting & Discussions

First off I would like to than everyone that contributed theyre thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the issue of conflicting tournament dates that have been pretty much causing a stir amongst organizers in the Community (especially the established figures) and the players themselves who goes out and attend these events. Everyone was mature enough to discuss related topics, there were some agreements and there were a few disagreements but that was the purpose of the thread to get peoples opinions,outlooks and now the next step. I think there is a key word that came up a lot in the Summit and that is Communication
Im very pleased to announce that from the Summit Discussion thread we are able to now make the next step towards developing a more structured, organized guideline towards the Fighting Game Community!

Preppy brought up a really good solution in which I think everyone agreed upon. A comprehensive calender showing Tournaments and Events in each region. Nagata mentioned appointed organizers to represent each Event (Majors) and its really feasable because now other events can be appointed to non-conflicting dates and players will not have to chose anymore. I am 100% for this and I think the community as a whole is too. Finally Rotendo brought up the mention of Apex and bringing it back to SRK.Apex seems to have a lot of potential if it can be structured a little differently.
Anyway continue the discussion on everything related here!

Do you think they will all come together and finally realize that the time is now and share in the development of the FGC Jeron?

It all sounds good. Something like this worked for the CS scene in its early days and it should work in theory. I just dont get how the FGC is so unorganized yet its been around longer than any “professional” gaming scene. Im happy to see that people are actually talking about the problems and trying to fix them. Mad props goes to JeRon for making the threads. GL HF

This entire discussion started because of like 5 conflicts, most of them are by one person, who is known for scheduling conflicting tournaments, sometimes blantly on purpose. 1 is between two empire members (which is funny in itself), and 1 is virginia i don’t know what happened there.

While an actual calendar would help, it’s not going to be done this second. What you can do this second is make the thread titles actually easier to read, and contain the important information first, for instance:

instead of



06/05/2006 - Las Vegas, NV - FMJs Tourney

if everything is in the same format, then you can just skim the front page and see what tournaments are coming up.

In addition, maybe at the empire meetings someone should say “hey, whens your next tourney”, that would solve that conflict as well. The only other one on the list is VA, and while i don’t know what happenend in this instance, I’m curious as to whether it’s just a friendly mistake.

While i’m for the spread of information, I don’t believe the answer is to start creating MORE management, registration, red tape, etc… just solve the problem and get back to creating more tournaments and playing games.

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We can, but i made the ‘standard’ up just now so i’d want some feedback before changing everyone’s thread title around and making stickies.

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I like the idea, be sure to sticky the rules/standard for posting tourneys for everyone to follow. Like none of !!++++++++++SoVA MvC2 Tourney++++++++++++!! or BEST TOURNEY OF THE YEARXinfinity or some random shit like that.

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Sorry the only colors are red for admin, something for mods, and yellow for the rest. The only thing that i think is possible is one for premium, as it’s tied to the usergroups.

Actually, if people followed that format (or any format as long as it’s standard) it would make it trivial to scoop those up and generate a calendar. That would be a start.

Jeron and I just came back from the Nintendo World State tournament…Take a look at the size of the screen that they used for the tournament :

Crazy isn’t it?

This is the whole article on it, but it just goes to show that even Nintendo is getting serious on this…

We don’t have a lot of time guys.

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Well I’ve got about a year left with FGC before I head over to Nintendo and its Wii with Brawl but anyway back to to the topic, I dont think that having a set SRK Calender is bad.

FMJaguar: True not alot of organizers put they’re dates on theyre titled thread but that doesnt have anything to do with the *organizers themselves if its too much to research 2 pages on the Event section to check on Event dates then ppl are just plain lazy, either that or they dont care…Calender would help now its just about someone notifying the Moderators of the site and getting approval from Inkbot and Ponder respectively.

This idea might be a bit far fetched. But ok…

It basically runs along the lines of Preppys idea, but slightly different.
Could definitely use the wiki for it.

But what if you took the wiki space a created seperate sections for each state.
Preppys idea is good, yes, but the only problem I see with that is it doesn’t work too well with local tournies. The calender works well with majors or weeklies. But, what about the tournies that pop up randomly? Everybody knows basically the about time that majors happen(Ecc = Memorial Day Weekend, MWC = June, etc)

Lets says someone is looking for Joey Randoms Marvel tourny in X-Town Mississippi, with a calender, they would have to look through months and days and etc.
But with state sections, they just have to look through it as if it were a forum section. On the side, they’ll see like a “New Post” Icon, then they look, and bam, Joe Randoms Marvel Tourny.

The point is that there won’t be a thread unless it’s titled correctly, it’ll either be changed, changed by a mod, or the user just won’t be posting there.

In addition if the city/state is on the title, then it’s easy to search by state or whatever. “Show tournaments by state: MI”. Then of course you can choose atl north and get NY+PA+CT+NJ etc…

If the organizers aren’t going to check, then it really doesn’t matter what solution there is, because they aren’t going to look at it.

The only hangup right now is international events, canada can use the same format, but i don’t know about europe.

At least we all know now who’s court the ball is in and always has been.

Eh I don’t see the harm in making it more convenient…as a calender would be, since you could just flip to the dates you were thinking of, and see if anything was there.

If you create Regions and Bordering States, you can address those issues. So NCR (regional) can get flagged for Cali, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington, and Evo (national) gets flagged for everyone, but Joe’s Random Tourney (local) only gets flagged for Cali - but an Oregon user could opt in to see Cali tourneys on his tailored tourney list.

So the idea would be that you would indicate the regions/area and games you’re interested in, and then the calendar tool would narrow down the view for you.

I think this kind of thing is off the table for now, but I think it’s about the best net solution possible here, if everyone bought into it. We need to take the pool of people we have, feed them good data, and make it easy for other people to just wander into the scene too. If it became trivial for SSBM users to find out about GGXX-Isuka tourneys and vice versa… that just helps flesh out the scene that much further.

I like the idea of regoinal tournaments.That way I can know what tournaments in the south are going on.

OK, if people want to help flesh out this simple list of major Marvel tournaments:

  • SRK Wiki: Major Marvel Tourneys
    that would be great. It includes a couple semi-regional tournaments, since I wasn’t sure where to draw the line. This accomplishes nothing too great other than having a one-stop shopping point for now of about when the major tourneys will be happening. =\