The Summit: Fighting Game Community Q&A Whats "really" going on!?

Ok as of the last couple of months or so there have been a trend of conflicting tournaments in the Fighting Game Community. Several Tournaments posted here on SRK have been either blatantly or unblatantly disregarded. This is not a thread to start a flame war or drama, controversy etc. I just think this needs to be adressed to the community.

East Coast Championship XI- Organizers:DSP & Josh Wigfall

Philly Tekken DR: Organizer(s) Jinmaster ???

X30 Evo ticket Tournament # 2 Organizers: Jinmaster & X3O

Mid West Championships 2006 Organizer(s) Dream TR: Jason Wilson

T7 Canadian Fighting Championship Organizer(s) Dark Dragon & Nagata Lock II

VTyme 3: Organizer(s) Jinmaster

Anarcade Tournament:Organizer(s) Jeron (Empire Arcadia) Anarcade

ChinaTown Fair Tournament Organizer(s) Justin Wong (Empire Arcadia)

Mid Atlantic Regional Virginia: Organizer(s) Renegade

Fusion Gaming Tournmaent Virginia: Organizer(s) Fusion

I posted on another thread the situation with me and Justins confliction of interest but basically to sum it all up me and Justin (at the time) didn?t have the communication that we should have had, and to be brutally honest I had to find ways to attract people to my tournament by adding bonus money. OUT MY OWN POCKET in hopes to get more people to come to my event.
Edit: AND didnt get paid for doint it!!! No sweat though I didnt stress it because its not about the money…I actually care about the community!
Although I did have my tournament announced first Justin for whatever reason decided to hold his tournament on the same day. Of course we?ve sinced talked about it and Justin ended up cancelling his event but pretty much the NYC players had to chose and it was messed up.
Basically this kind of things split up the community and in the end we have to look at the coordinators. Are we here to split up the community? Are we in it for our own personal agenda?
Is it greed, Ego? Or is it about respect and the respect that we should have as a community, not just for our community but ourselves as well and to one another as organizers.
Once again this is not a thread for flaming or thrash talk, were adults and we need to address the issues as such. If we could get some input and answers from the organizers themselves then that would be great! But whats the deal?

The FGC community doesn’t respect themselves, or each other, and we’re all in the same community. I’m really not surprised (though I don’t know any of the behind the scenes stuff.

EDIT: Jeron actually on that list, you forgot about the GG tourney in Ohio that was held the same weekend as ECC

Remember when I use to get flamed personally when people accused me about the Empire “Trying” to be the savior of the fighting game community? Well in a sense ironically that is what its all about now. In a sudden sense of urgency some of the gamers in the community knows what we know and know what is coming up in terms of the community hence the sudden threads about the further developement of the Fighting Game Community.

From what I am getting gamers are starting to hold events because they want to be known as a contributor to the perservation and developement of the community. The problem is some of them are not working together to do it. Its a Ego thing. Many know who’s tournament is what but they host the event regardless. This is good and bad at the sametime. The good about it is, it gives options to the gamers, the bad part about it is, it is unorganized in terms of scheduling. Ultimately it is dividing the commnity, “FORCING” gamers to choose. Rather than taking the extra step to work something together like a joint event that would benifit the community.

Posting our views on SRK will not help anything, it never has and it never will. We just have to continue to do what we are currently doing and we’ll see what pans out in the end. We do what we can by attending other events and adding what exclusive content to the already made event that we can. So far we are 4 out of 6 for 2006 missing M4 and OHN5. However somethings are out of our hands at times. Thus in the ultimate end it is what we do as a whole that will count, not what we do now. Keep up the work Empire.

Having to chose sometimes isnt a good thing though. I dont like choosing because I would to go to everything so it isnt fair to me and the hardcore players that travel like Justin. VTyme 3 is the same weekend as T7 and although I cant speak for Justin I know he wants to go to VTyme to compete for the last ticket to Evo but at the same time Canada’s waiting for him (us). My point is choosing is ok for the average fighting gamer but not the hardcore. I’ve been to damn near every major and event from Janurary of 2005 West Coast Qualifier, TS5, MW, ECC, T6, and everything this year only now theres a bunch of conflicting tournaments that make me have to chose.

Sabin: I dunno alot about the behind the scenes stuff either but none of it is helping us!

btw Edit to the first post…there was 1 i forgot about!

Let me go ahead and mention we might (should, whatever) have a fairly large event in October depending on things pan out, mid Oct to be exact.

I’d call conflicting events “birthing pains” because thats something most games go through on their way into larger events.

That said if anybody is hosting an event with Hyper Fighter (other then the obvious ones) let me know :wink:

EDIT, and I’m just posting this so IF it happens mid Oct nobody shit their pants

The tournies seem to be on a resurgence as of late. For example, a lot of people have turned to holding tournies at LANs for the last year and a half which has increased the amounts of tournies being held lately, so it’s only natural that their be a lot of conflict in timing. I don’t think there really is any disrespect intended, it’s just people not scheduling properly.

If anyone should have a problem with this crap, it should be me. I can’t run one damn tourney w/o others popping up. I even post mine MONTHS in advance.

For example, Fusion posted their tourney on SRK on 5/22. I posted the Battle @ the capital on 4/30. That’s a whole fucking MONTH. That’s completely their fault. I went everywhere to find a good open date. I’ve been trying to get them to modify their schedule a little bit to at least not have the same tourneys on the same days as mine, so if people wanted to go to both, they can. I mean, they do have 3 days, where mine is two. And I did have mine up a month earlier on SRK. Have i gotten anywhere? no. 4 of my biggest tourneys (T5, GGXX/, SSBM, and 3S) are being held on the same exact day as fusion.

Next up is my monthly tourney.

6/10/2006 Nova Monthly 3S, GGXX/, SF2AE, MvC2, CvS2, T5, SSBM: Northern VA: Organizer Renegade (posted 4/30)

!King Of The South 3!: NC Organizer, Wasian

Originally posted on 4/28 for memorial day. Edited on 5/18 for 6/10. Also, there’s no date in the thread title. This is just annoying, since I usually try to get NC players to come to Northern VA.

Why don’t we go back a little ways, shall we?

3/04: MD/DC/VA Monthly: 3S, MvC2, CvS2, GG#R, T5, SC3, DOA4: Organizer: Renegade Northern VA Posted 2/10

REAL DC Monthly!!! MARCH 4th!! Organizer: Jinmaster Posted on 2/21

At that tourney, Jinmaster didn’t show, there were no Dreamcasts, and the tourney entrants had to run the tourney themselves.

Renegadae: I ttold you my opinion on the whole Virginia Fusion/NOVA thing. I can understand why you may be upset though. As far as Jinmaster goes I dont think anyone knows but Jinmaster what his agenda is. Yes he is trying to push the community in his own way but he may be going about it a little prematurley. From what I understand hes Tekkens Leader? Now he has an interest in SF all of a sudden…shrugs who knows all I know is that Organizers from each region should have some form of contact with eachother, whether its through AIM, PM or email. Thats all it takes…you dont have to like the person or whatever but just out of respect of the Community and as “Professionals” people should make it an obligation!

TFGM: Clear out your pm box! :lol:

On about the multiple tourney events. There really should be a stickied thread for tourney coordinators so they can discuss dates for upcoming tourneys and negotiate pushing back/up dates for events due to overlapping tournaments that gamers are trying to attend. People want to go to ECCXI, but there was another event they wanted to go to just as bad… < That was just an example. Also you have to consider that people cannot afford to attend 3 or more tourneys in one month, or back to back weekends due to work and other reasons.

There really is no need to be stepping on each other toes. I’m with Art when he says he doesn’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

Crap! I’ll clean it out now.

I think it would be in the best interest of the community in general if we were to band together and create an actual schedule for the entire year, using Evolution as the last major tournament of the fighting game year. Then have the rest of August off and start the season again in September. Major tournaments can be used as cornerstones for the year.

Texas Shodown in 2nd weekend of March
Final Round over the 2nd weekend of April
ECC over Memorial Day weekend
MWC over the last weekend of June
T Tournament over the 3rd weekend of July
EVO over the 2nd weekend of August

That’s just for starters but you see what I mean though. Set the majors at weekends no other tournament is held. It’s simple respect by the community. Then the gamers that can make the effort to hit the majors don’t have to be divided. It also gives the community a defined rest period where they don’t have to think about tournies at all.


Yeah. I talked w/ some of the guys @ fusion. They’re probably gonna put some of the games on opposite dates as mine ,so people can go to both if they want.

You mean create a circuit. (Sarcasim. * Not to you Nagatta.) Something that should have been done…almost a decade ago. However its never too late.

I’ve been an advocate of an actual circuit for years. In fact I brought it up back in 2003 when I first took the reigns over Canadian tournaments but it was shot down as not feasable. Personally I always felt that no one really wanted to put in the work to create a balanced schedule. There are A LOT of kinks to work out but a defined circuit schedule (big in my opinion is making one major tournament for every month) with a proper reward system (APEX had so much potential) could do wonders for this community.

I’m not sure what the point of my post is, but I’m gonna post anyway so, so i’m no trying to spam as my reputation might suggest. First off, I don’t really see this “problem” of having multiple or conflicting tournies being solved any time soon.

You have a good interesting point here. But I honestly think 80-90 % of the community is the “average” fighting gamer. While 10 % percent is the hardcore. Let me explain.

There’s only a small percentage of people actually placing top 3 consistently for whatever game. Most top top players are usually specialists for a game. You rarely see someone outside of Justin and Ricky, being on top of more than one game. Choosing what tourney to go to, is only is a problem for the guys, guys that are on top or have the potential of placing (top 3) in more than one game.

Then there’s the up and coming players trying to make a name or prove something. These guys will go to a lot of tournies and majors, but won’t neccessarily place all the time. Choosing which tourney to go to, shouldn’t be too much of a problem for these guys, it just depends on what your favorite game is or what you’re the best at.

As I posted in the Tekken 5 Crisis at Evo thread, before I was banned, If you’re trying to make a name for yourself in a certain games, and you’re not just in it for the money, there’s certain tournies you should go to. This doesn’t apply if you just want to make money. (IE Big fish in small pond)

This only applies majors, and to people willing traveling out of state, as if a tourney is close to you, you probably aren’t going to travel,

or if you think your state has the best comp, you’re not gonna travel if your main goal is to make a name for yourself. (I.E. FFA guys aren’t gonna travel to NY/tx for a 3s tourney, and EC guys (the past reminds me of sanford and demon hyo, who’ve never gone to evo) don’t wanna travel to evo for mvc2 anymore cuz they know ny has the best mvc2 scene.)

I know for sure this is how people think so I’m not just typing stuff out of my ass. It makes sense because why travel when you can get respect at home, and win some money instead of shell out a bunch of money to travel? Traveling to every major is only for the really hardcore people, and often then not it’s just for spectators.

ECC-Marvel vs Capcom 2, where else to prove you’re hot in mvc2? No discussion needed.

CVS2- Your best bet is to go to some norcal regional tourney. Combofiend (socal) is probably the best american cvs2 player right now, but norcal has the most number of good cvs2 players. Most cvs2 players shouldn’t mind the tourney venue anyway, as long as it’s console so they can use their own sticks, and so new schoolers don’t have to complain when they can’t adapt to joysticks, and so they can bust out them A groove combos, .

Texas Showdown and Evo are probably the best majors for cvs2People always seem to have fun as texas showdown.

3s-Evo or some FFA world championship thing. West coast specfically socal has the biggest and strongest 3s scene. 3s is the most popular sf game right now I THINK, and the japanese usually come to evo, so evo is the best.

Guilty Gear Slash- probably evo, there’s no certain best gg area in the US.

Tekken- again there’s no certain best t5 area in the US I think, except maybe texas/california. If you’re mainly a tekken player, and want to make a name for yourself, it shouldn’t be too difficult a choice deciding between jinmaster’s tourney, or ecc most recently (don’t listen to dsp). Or, you’d probably would have gone to this weekend’s norcal DR ARCADE tourney. If you’re in it just for the money, evo is the way to go even if it’s 5.0 console.

Imo, the best overall major from reading blogs and peoples experiences is probably texas showdown cuz it has something for everyone. 2nd is evolution, but evo is mostly just a spectacle now (or more geared towards spectators) imo, but it also has a very high payoff now so the attendance will probably be higher.

Whatever happens, the fighting gaming community seems to be growing, and will eventually become more mainstream such as MLG. I just hope ARCADES get preserved in the process, it’s basically dead in the US in a lot of areas. I agree with your signature too Jeron, I’m an anti console advocate also, you know arcades are dying and FGC is becoming too mainstream when mvc2 was about to be run on XBOX last year at evo. Luckily there’s still “hardcore” advocates keeping the real scene alive. (ffa=3s, Ny and CTF=mvc2, and most recently svgl=DR)

It is feasable to create a circuit. The work put in is no different than the work that is put in now for what tournaments take to run. The only difference is that the directors need to work together. We’ll see.

As of late, there’s just been an absurd amount of tournaments period. Hell, you cats in VA / MD have a huge scene, it’s crazy how many tournaments / gatherings you have. I think you had 4-5 tournaments last month alone? Crazy.

For everything conflicting however, well you guys should get together and work things out. I was originally planning on going to T7, but then Evo East popped up, and then Vtyme after that, but it looks like I can only manage EvoEast if I even want to go to Evo World at all.

Take it easy on the little guy fellas.


A Circuit would help the Community Greatly, IMO!

a circuit would be great, but things tend to get crowded over the summer, and I figure it would be nice to leave at least one weekend a month open, for either relaxing from all of this or for people to throw local tournaments. Hope people can compromise for this.

There are hundreds of tournaments that occur throughout the year. No matter what, your tournament is gonna conflict with someone elses. There is just no avoiding it. If it isn’t majors against majors, its local tournaments that get screwed over in small locations that have a hard enough time gathering people for their tournament without 90% of their top local comp traveling 500+ miles to goto some larger tournament.

While organization would help reduce the occurances of this, someones getting screwed no matter what. What of the local tournament thats being thrown for people who can’t afford to goto a major so even they get a chance to practice up? They’re obvoiusly good for nothing so lets bully them into changing their date cause we’re some big tournament monopoly that has to have everything our way. In which case if they forfiet the date it ends up being on the same date as another larger tournament. If they continue to concede they’re never gonna have a tournament, and is that what you really want?